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GOOD VS EVIL When will the shooting of innocent people end?

What is going on in the world today? There is so much violence in cities throughout the United States. Everyday when I turn on the television there has been another person killed. Most of the killings are by a gun. Did you see the one in New York when the man knocked down two kids and the killer was still shooting at the man. This happened in broad daylight with other people on the street? Then there are the ones when people are shooting into cars; either on a city street or on the freeway. This has gotten out of control. How evil are these people to kill someone without any regard for their life or another person’s life.

I wish I had an answer to the question, ‘What will it take to stop these shooting from happening?’ but I don’t. Do you have an answer or a suggestion? I don’t believe that it is one right answer that will fix this problem. There will have to be several strategies used as this is not a one dimensional problem. But we have to start somewhere.

I do believe that people need to begin loving themselves and learning to value other people lives. When I hear of a kid being shot, my heart just hurts. I can’t imagine the pain that those parents are feeling.

I pray that something changes very soon before another set of parents lose their precious young child. I believe that there is some ‘Good’ in everyone.

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Gina Wilson Steward



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