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By Gina Wilson Steward
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I'm OK with a fist bump


I was so excited when the COVID-19 numbers were going down consistently earlier this year. All I was thinking about was that things were going to back to some type of normal by the time school started in the Fall. I want the children to return to attending school, and having a kid's life. There are so many kids that are falling behind even more because school has been virtual for so long. Unfortunately, it looks like they will start this next school year virtual again.

But what makes me nervous is people wanting to give me a hug. I am not ok with that at all. Since we had been cooped up in the house for so long, when you finally saw someone, your automatic pre-covid response is to give them a hug. Well, I not ok with that.

I might be a little paranoid, but I have my reasons. For example, I was at an outdoor event about a month ago and I was informing people that it was a Covid-19 Vaccination station onsite. So after we gave each other our 'I haven't seen you in a while' hug, I told them about the vaccination station. In over 70% of the people I spoke with, they said that they weren't going to take the vaccination for whatever reason. I realize that that is their decision. So I decided I had to do something differently.

After thinking about it, I decided that a fist bump is ok with me. It is my automatic six feet controller. I'm just trying to be cautious. I understand that some people will not take the vaccine. I was one of them. But I have since taken the shot. So for my peace of mind, I will not be doing to much hugging anytime soon. I know that the CDC hasn't said no hugging. But they did say stay 6 feet away. We have to do things differently so that we will win over against the COVID-19 and its Variants.

So don't get offended or take it personal when you see me and I put my fist out. I am just greeting you in my new way.

Gina Wilson Steward



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