August 5, 2021

Georgia McPhaul - Community servant with a heart for the homeless

Georgia is not a stranger to hard work. Her love of people leads her to work with many organizations whose focus is on helping people. Her time spent at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries is where she was involved with teens aged 15-17 that are parenting or pregnant. She also assists the homeless with housing needs. This type of work continues at Blessed Hope Church in Lincoln Park. The location where she serves the people may change, but her passion to make a difference never changes.

She obtained her undergraduate degree in social work with an emphasis in community organization and urban studies. She has published several books and produced two award winning videos. Georgia's love for God started at the early age of 14, when she was inspired to teach Sunday School. Starting there, she has also taught Christian Education classes in Buenos Aries, Argentina and in West Germany, where she is invited back every year.

She is the past Christian Education Director of Wolverine Missionary Baptist Convention Women's Auxiliary, past Board Member of Todd-Phillips Children's Home and was Director of Calvary District Youth Department for 14 years.

Georgia is a member of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Ecorse, where she serves as a Church Officer, Children's Choir Director and a member of the Church's Music department. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and accolades for her commitment to children, community service and leadership.

She is the mother of five adult children all who are successful in their own specialties. She is also the proud grandmother of five exceptional



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