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Straight On 'til Morning

River's Edge Gallery Art Show

WYANDOTTE- This show is a meaningful presentation of never before seen works by the late Patricia Izzo (1948-2020) & new works by Martine MacDonald. Both artists had started planning and working on this show in 2019 to open in 2020. The pandemic changed these plans but both artists used this extra year to work on even more pieces. And after two years both artists had created a large body of never before seen works.

Even when Izzo died just months before the show was set to open the idea that it would not go on was never entertained. It is fulfilling a promise to have this show no matter what by her fellow artist and co-presenter, Martine and her Gallery, River's Edge Gallery in downtown Wyandotte.

Patricia was not only represented in the gallery since its inception over 40 years ago but also has maintained her studio on the third floor for many years.

For Martine and the Gallery "Straight On 'til Morning" has become a bittersweet exhibition. It is the 4th exhibition at River's Edge gallery featuring Izzo and MacDonald. According to Martine MacDonald, "During Patty's last months we would meet at River's Edge, sitting outside her studio. She loved talking about our latest exhibit. Patty made me "pinky" promise that we would not only have this show, but an additional one at a later date. Well, a promise is a promise, and having this exhibit is my attempt to honor Patty, our abiding friendship, and her wish that the "show must go on." Martine also revealed that even though her and Patty worked on this show together discussing their own art and approaches, neither saw the other's work. In fact, this will be an unveiling for all. No one was privy to their final completed pieces.

Jeremy Hansen, gallery director of River's Edge Gallery stated, "Patty was voraciously working on new works, pushing her boundaries and throwing caution to the wind. Although she did state that many may be surprised by the new work as she felt it was softer, more connected to nature.

She was usually very private when it came to creating her art. It is always such a joy to see the newly created series in its entirety. This show is not a memorial but simply an exhibition of new works by two artists who have been diligently crafting and planning for this show." .

Patt Slack, founder of River's Edge Gallery and dear friend for many years added " We never talked about Patty's diagnosis of cancer in that she nor I thought it would take her out. This was never planned for although every other detail of the show was. Patty has used new techniques and presentations for the new pieces that will be in this show. Her collectors will be delighted.."

Martine MacDonald is a venerable artist whose studio is located in the James R Desana Centre for Arts & Culture in Wyandotte. MacDonald will be displaying new works specifically created for this show and will also exhibit her original illustrations for "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird", based on a poem by the same title by Wallace Stevens.

According to Martine, "I feel the loss of my dear friend profoundly. There have been many moments when I am eager to share with Patty my latest thoughts about the upcoming exhibit only to remember she is no longer with us. But, then again, I am so pleased, and I know Patty would be as well, that the exhibit is going forward."

Straight On 'til Morning opening reception September 17th, 6-9pm

Readings from "The Dance" October 15th. 7pmTrish Flavin , "The Dance", 7pm, Guitar player,

Reading, wine & cheese, 734-512-7239 cell, 734-459-4281 home.

Stay tuned for more events to come, stories upstairs open mic storytelling, white wine with ice comedy


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