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Wayne County, Mich. - As of Tuesday, 70% of Wayne County residents (excluding Detroiters) have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The 70% goal set by President Biden is seen by health officials as a crucial step toward getting a vast majority of our residents vaccinated. Wayne County is only the sixth jurisdiction in the state to achieve this status and the second major county.

This accomplishment is a major milestone for the county; yet we cannot become lax in the response to COVID-19, especially with a constant rise in cases of the Delta variant. Wayne County Executive Evans is still urging more residents to get vaccinated, "We are starting to come out from under COVID, but everybody needs to keep in mind that not only are we not there yet but confirmed cases among the unvaccinated are still on the rise", said Evans, "getting vaccinated remains the best long-term strategy to ensure personal and community protection." There are still certain age groups within the county who still need to reach this goal, including residents between 12-18 years of age.

Executive Evans' administration has worked tirelessly to introduce COVID-19 mitigation plans and practices to protect county residents and continues to work diligently to educate residents on the benefits of the vaccine while making vaccinations easily accessible. Wayne County health officials conducted neighborhood canvassing in many of the county's most vulnerable communities and supplied vaccinations inside of mobile vaccination units. Furthermore, health officials are working with schools to schedule vaccine clinics to increase vaccinations among vaccine eligible students and school staff.

Wayne County residents can call 1-866-610-3885 to schedule a vaccine appointment. Vaccines are available to residents 12 and older for no cost. No-cost rides and home-bound vaccination appointment are also available for residents with mobility challenges. More information about vaccine opportunities can be found at


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