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Inkster Native has coffee in Meijers Rivertown Market


October 7, 2021

Gina Allen, CEO of Birlon Harvest, shows her mother, Ms. Jessie Shelby ,her coffee on the shelf at the new Meijer's Riverplace Market in Detroit.

Sometimes, the statement, 'listen to your grandmother' is all you need to get the ball rolling. That is how Birlon Harvest got it's start. Gina Allen loved her grandmother, Ola Ree Williams, better known as Mudear, and trusted her opinion. When Gina wanted some advice as to what product she could sell to help support her program and the people in her community of Inkster she turned to her grandmother. Her grandmother said, 'Well baby everyone likes coffee.' The seed was planted and then the work began.

Since there are so many flavors of coffee on the market, Gina knew that she had to come up with a smooth blend that many people would enjoy. That's when the coffee tasting began. Saturday after Saturday, month after month, Gina and her grandmother sampled the blends made from different beans, roasted different ways until one day her grandmother said....I like this one. To honor her grandmother, the first flavor that Birlon Harvest has is named after her grandmother – Ola's Breakfast Blend.

Sales/Marketing Representatives Wendy Reezer and Tresa Fore were on hand to assist owner, Gina Allen (in middle) with the crowd of people at the Opening day of the River Place Market

Now the fun part begins; getting the coffee in people's kitchens. Since Gina is very resourceful and has that 'I will keep working at it until I get it done attitude' that comes from her mother, Jessie Shelby, her product is now on the shelf at the Meijer's Rivertown Market in Detroit. I'm sure that this is just the first of many locations where you will be able to find Birlon Harvest coffee.

Gina is not just selling coffee for herself and her family. She knows that the more she sells, the more she will be able to help minority children and families in her community. She has pledged that 5% of her sales will be used for educational and recreational programming to help the families have a better life.

To meet Gina and to sample and purchase some of the Ola's Breakfast Blend stop by the Meijer's Rivertown Market store at 1475 E. Jefferson Ave. in Detroit from October 8th – October 10th from 8am – 12 noon each day or just go to the coffee section of the store and add a bag to your shopping cart.. For more information visit, follow them on Harvest or call (800) 609-9170.


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