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This week's candidate is Deblon Jackson


October 28, 2021

Candidate for Highland Park City Council - Deblon Jackson

Name: Deblon Jackson

City:  Highland Park

Candidate: Title/Position

City Council

What is your platform on Community Engagement and Democracy?

An ordinance needs to have the input of citizens. There need to be more dialog so that the citizen can understand and contribute to any ordinance that can be improved. With out citizen input it is like a chair missing a leg. That way all can understand completely and know what is expected.

The importance of solar energy is predicated on insurance and who will do the work to sustain lighting and all sorts of energy. Who do the citizens count on for service if something goes wrong? Need to find out what type of insurance companies will give citizens a break on their financial obligations to be provided with soar products. Who can pay for these installations and how do citizens get the monies for installation of these saving products? More investigation and research should be investigated to see if Highland Parkers get involved and at what financial cost.

DTE should be doing more in our community to come up with a program for lighting our community through grants other forms, such as solar. There are other communities that do not have lighting. We need to approach those communities to see what their best practices are for lighting.

What is your platform on Sustainability & Environmental Justice? *

The parks are important for calmness in the community. Cookouts swings and other activity. I thought about some Artwork that could be used for seating. Not enough where a person could laydown and take a nap. More trees could be planted to replace diseased ones. Trees help improve oxygen in the environment and help with water runoff and erosion. Regular cutting makes them pretty and inviting. We must keep our green spaces and ensurethat we haveall our parks are sustained forever, and nothing else.

I support any commission that is going to improve and help make our city more positive and inviting for families and all who cohabitate in Highland Park.

What is your platform on Municipal Finances? *

Municipal finances are based on budgets that have been worked on by city accountants and approved by Legislation. I would have to referred to the administration to be advised on those subjects to ensure the right actions could be taken. These are decided and then legislated by the City Council.

A million-dollar grant could help to do some things that could help our city. However, it is not enough money to cover issues such as fixing our water department or getting back our Library. There would have to be more money for those. However, cleaning up our city to look better and rid some of the blight would work. Or purchasing needed equipment for the city to move forward on other levels. The administration would decide how the money is used. The Council would vote and discuss purpose for the use if in the best interest for the city. Finances and platforms must be discussed and voted on so that all agree.

What is your platform on Education and Economic Opportunity? *

Economic opportunity is very important to all people who need that. However, there are many ways to pursue financial success. Technical trade schools, College Education, and business pursuits. All are good. However, there are costs of doing business that we cannot deny. Things like insurance, Taxes, water, lights, gas, and many other associated costs. Many businesses suggest a 5-year plan so a person that has never been in business understands the cost of doing business.

Education is important so that our students have an opportunity in education of their choosing. We need a High School in Highland Park for starters. We need a base.

The auctions will be important. However, who will determine if Highland Parkers are the ones to bid. Some of them tend to bid for other people and then sell to someone else. How does one stop a sell after it sold to a straw bidder?

We will have to put something in place that they must keep the property or building so long before it is sold. Is that fair would need citizens input on that. Whoever purchases property from the City of Highland Park should have a time table for fix up or the property goes back to the city.



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