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By Derrick Johnson
NAACP President 

NAACP Take Steps to Root Out Gun Violence


This Independence Day, just as the nation was processing our horror of the vicious murder of Jayland Walker by Akron police, our hearts were dealt more devastating news as those in Highland Park were terrorized, shot, and killed while celebrating our nation's liberty.

We are heartbroken, we are furious, and we WILL NOT remain silent as gun violence, whether at the hands of police or a mass shooter, threatens precious lives.

The NAACP is taking IMMEDIATE steps to address the roots of gun violence and STOP this devastating war on the safety of our communities.

In statehouses, courtrooms, and Congress, we're taking action NOW to defend ALL Americans from the horrors of gun violence. But we need your support to make our voices heard! Add your name NOW to stand with the NAACP and implement change to END gun violence for ever.

In 2022, violence is the leading cause of death among America's youth, eviscerating entire communities, disproportionately Black communities, while destroying families and futures.

This reign of terror by bullets CANNOT continue.

That's why the NAACP is acting NOW to lead efforts to stop the intolerable epidemic of gun violence. As we speak, our teams are working at the state and federal levels to:

END qualified immunity for police officers

BAN military-style semi-automatic assault guns and high-capacity ammunition clips

REQUIRE universal background checks for gun sales and transfers nationwide

And REPEAL state "stand your ground" laws, restoring the use of deadly force as a last resort across the U.S.

While these steps do nothing to bring back the friends, parents, siblings, and children our communities have lost to the horrors of gun violence, they are essential to making sure this vicious cycle of unnecessary pain and suffering is truly ended once and for all.

This is a crisis, friend. We MUST do everything in our power to END the horrific slaughtering of our communities and save lives. Will you add your name NOW to stand with the NAACP and help stamp out gun violence once and for all?


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