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Janine Folks Introduces Books & Bling Pop-Up Shop


December 1, 2022

Janine Folks has spent her career helping people when they need it most. Her spirit has comforted families at funerals, in hospitals, even weddings and churches. At the same time Janine has built a reputation for being a prolific writer, she has written over ten books over the course of her career, and has even been a writer for the Telegram newspaper.

Recently Janine was able to combine her talents and interests. She teamed up with Rachel Matthews, and was able to host the first Books & Bling Pop-Up Shop inside of Detroit's historic Rollercade building. Books & Bling is a vendor show designed to showcase local products and talent. Specifically the independent published authors of the community.

Folks and Matthews constructed the event with inclusion in mind. The goal was to introduce local authors to like minded individuals, so the tree of opportunity could continue to grow. Many entrepreneurs lack the space on their own to sell out of a store front. Janine offered an alternative. Even if for an afternoon, the community was able to participate in exchanging their goods and services with new and existing consumers.

Via the press release, Janine's intentions are clear. Folks states.

"I thought bringing these writers together to promote reading would encourage literacy, and even encourage others to take the leap and publish to share their stories."

Janine Folks thought right. A new story teller emerges everyday. It's not impossible that the next one from our community was initially inspired at the Books & Bling Pop-Up Shop


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