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By Xaiver Jones
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MLK Volunteering With The Chip Bag Project


January 26, 2023

Chip Bag Founder Eradajere Oletia (Far Left) Smiles after a successful day of volunteering

Every third Monday of January Martin Luther King Jr day is celebrated. Although the nation first recognized it as a holiday in 1986, opinions, and practices have always varied on the holiday. Depending on the job, employees are granted an off day. My generation will always remember it as a day off of school. Lastly, for purposes of context. There is a large portion of people who were thriving when the third Monday in the month of January, was simply the third Monday in the month of January. These people fought the fight alongside Dr. King to put us where we are today.

Martin Luther King didn't protest, preach, and ultimately be assassinated for the masses to be set free from their academic or workplace oppressors for the day. It wasn't all for an off day, Dr. King's dream was that all people of this country can come together as one to improve the circumstances of all moving forward.

The holiday is of course a free day. People choose how they spend it. The Chip Bag Project made the choice to gather and create warming kits for displaced individuals across the country. The Chip Bag Project gathered volunteers at Art Block Detroit to compile packages of foot, hand, body, and toe warmers, underwear, lotion, hats, socks, gloves, a tooth brush, and toothpaste. A system was put in place where volunteers were able to rotate throughout different stations to complete each kit. Due to the high number of volunteers, the assembly of over five hundred kits were completed.

Volunteers work hard to pack kits

The Chip Bag project is a coalition of creatives compiled by Eradajere Oletia. The team focuses on improving sustainability and access to resources in urban neighborhoods. The Chip Bag project is an honest operation, whose intentions are in the title. They care about the environment and the people who inhabit it. Paired with work that directly impacts displaced persons. The group also collects chip bags, and recycle them into practical uses like carrying bags.

This isn't The Chip Bag Project's first time on the block. Last year the group gathered on Martin Luther King day, but acquired more volunteers in 2023. The organization recently turned two years old and builds more reputations by the day. On the behalf of the people. The Telegram Newspaper thanks The Chip Bag project for its efforts, and wishes nothing but the best moving forward.


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