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By Clifton R Kirkman II
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A Lesson Worth Learning: A Deep Dive into Overlooked Black History Month Facts


February 23, 2023

Dale Rich

Peggy Wallace Kelly, daughter of the late Gov. George Wallace of Georgia standing between the Hon. John Lewis and Hon. Maxine Waters with Jesse Jackson standing behind them in 2009 during the 44th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama.

For centuries, Blacks continue to be a driving force behind America. Whether it has been patents, products or culture, one could use their minds to imagine that it is not easy being a major contributor to the very fine fabric and makeup of the Americas. Let alone, to a country that has never found true value in you. Neither has it considered you to be worthy of recognition. In case you did not know, we are talking about the United States of America, even though the limitations were not just to North America, alone. It cannot be denied that the lives of Blacks have been filled with hardship yet...

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