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Inkster Housing to bring Economic Development to the city

$100 Million investment to stimulate economic growthbecome self-suffcient. and create job opportunities in the area. In addition to the investment, the Inkster Housing Commission provides other services to help empower families and build inclusive communities. These services include financial literacy classes, job readiness programs. and community engagement activities. Our Plan for the next ten years: The vision of IHC is to be the premier affordable housing provider locally, regionally, and nationally that fosters diverse and vibrant communities to include housing, education, and economic growth. • Stem economic growth in Inkster and Wayne County by providing over $100 million dollars to our economy over the course of a 10 year period • Provide affordable, equitable housing in a city where 58% are renters • Provide sustainable services and programming for our residents where there no school system, public transportation. and roughly 39% of residents do not have a high school diploma Why is this so important? • Support underserved communities • Ensure access to and increase production of affordable housing • Promote homeownership • Advance sustainable communities What do we need to achieve our plan? Funding for development projects for affordable housing throughout the city of Inkster to include HOME. CDBG, MSHDA funding in underserved communities like Inkster, incentives from state, local and federal legislatures and elected officials for private business development in underserved communities as Inkster, Michigan. For more information about Inkster Housing Commission and how you can be a part of this initiative and our mission to enrich lives by building inclusive communities and empowering families for long-term economic success, please: • visit our website at • contact me at [email protected] Together, we can be proud to say that Inkster Housing Commission empowers families and builds inclusive communities. We are grateful for your support and commitment to helping us make generational change in our community. Thank you in advance! Aaron Cooper Executive Di rector [email protected]

Dear Valued Community,

I am truly excited to share that Inkster Housing Commission (IHC) will be investing over $100 million dollars to stimulate economic growth in the city of Inkster and Wayne County over the next ten years. This investment is part of our mission to enrich lives by building inclusive communities and empowering families for long-term economic success. We are developing a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life for our residents in the city of Inkster and Wayne County. This plan includes job training and placement. small business development, and educational opportun...


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