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By Clifton R Kirkman II
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Celebrating Black Business During Black History Month, Pillar + Pride Continues the Effort of Supporting the Black Community


February 29, 2024

Greeting Counter at Pillar & Pride that showcase many of their products

Black-owned businesses aren't just a thing of the past, there's tangible evidence that the history spans over a century. It is known that from about 1900 to the 1930s, the era was considered the golden age of Black-owned businesses, in the United States. There was Black Wall Street and all sorts of businesses from million-dollar companies to small businesses. Simply because of the laws that were in place at that time. The Jim Crow era, forced Blacks to be separate from whites. Since they were unable to rely or use the resources of whites, it led to an increase in Black entrepreneurship. This is where we see a large influx in small black businesses being established at a rapid pace.

February is Black History Month and at the Telegram News, we want to honor the legacy of Black Americans and their contributions to society. Specifically, we know that we may never know the names of those black business owners of the past. The ones who created change and made a lasting impact in and around the community that they served. However, even though it may be true and their names may never be revered, they still deserve to be recognized and honored.

In that same capacity, one local Detroit couple, is doing the work to help create a positive impact and to help members of their community. It's a mindset and with it a legacy will be left in the city of Detroit. Not only for their own family but, for the families in which their businesses serve. Mr. Tyree and Mrs. Randi Williams are the proud owners of Pillar & Pride, a destination that provides access to high-quality products that support your wellness journey and the UPS Store Midtown Detroit, where they can assist you in printing, shipping packages, notary and etc.

Much like the history of the past that created black entrepreneurship, due to a need. The Covid pandemic sparked another boom in black businesses developing and becoming successful. In 2005, the William's started their journey in becoming business owners. Mainly during that time, various business ventures took place in investing real-estate and rental properties. Most recently, with the founding of Pillar & Pride in 2020, this is when the Williams family began placing all their efforts into full-time entrepreneurship.

"Pillar and Pride was born out of necessity, at that moment. In that moment a lot of things were highlighted in terms of the status of our community's health and wellness in general because, of COVID. It was at the forefront of everyone's mind", says, Tyree Williams. In the Black community, we know that far too often, health is an area that needs improving. He continues on to say that, he himself needed a wakeup call in order for him to better his health and wellness. "I needed to learn how to manage my life from stress to diet to travel, sleep deprivation to all those things that beat down your immune system."

Pillar and Pride, sits off of Woodward Avenue and 7-mile. Once being an empty space in an area that could use revitalization, Mr. Tyree and Mrs. Randi Williams saw beyond the blight. What they saw, was an opportunity to grow and to build a space that the community needed and required in order to survive through one of the worst times in history. Today, this space offers an array of needs, from health and wellness that also include yoga classes, to offering podcast and event spaces.. Pillar and Pride is place that provides solutions to those who stop in to visit and patronize.

"We are going to call the subject matter experts, we don't pretend to be medical professionals, we are people interested in bettering everyone's access of ways to live better." "To create a space that is not just retail, but we also want you to have an experience, like the quotes that are on the walls, are words and things that affirm you as a person.", says Mrs. Randi Williams.

Far too often, when you step into businesses that's located in the black community, it's not always inviting, clean or provides a great service experience. That certainly isn't the case as you drive-by or step into Pillar & Pride or the UPS Store Midtown Detroit that Mr. & Mrs. Williams own. I would agree with Mrs. Randi Williams that, "Our people deserve an experience, deserves to walk into a clean place, you deserve to walk into a space that is playing your music, a place that feels and looks like you and is beautiful. To be a beacon and a pillar in the community, where there is beauty and people that care about you, your health and wellness.

In life, lessons can be taught lessons or bought lessons, which mean it comes through experiences that you may not like, want or originally needed. When asked if there was any advice that could be shared with other business owners or young adults who aspire to become entrepreneurs, Mr. Tyree Williams was eager to share some key takes on the subject.

Advice on becoming a business owner from Mr. Tyree Williams

- Even if you have a job, I highly encourage entrepreneurship and investing into something that you have ownership stake in and the passion for.

- Do as much studying as possible, in whatever field/industry that you intend on entering. So that you understand it, as thoroughly as possible without paralyzing yourself with too much analysis.

Mr. Tyree & Mrs. Randi Williams, Entrepreneurs Business Owners at their UPS Store Midtown Detroit

- The Team Matters, even though you maybe the person with the finances, the vision, etc. Cultivate a team that supports the vision and those that understand their strengths and weaknesses because, you can't do it alone. Develop a team that will support in bringing the business to life!

Knowledge is power and it's not limited to books only, but art, conversations etc. Wellness is everything, it not just limited to physical health, but wealth and other things as well.

Pillar and pride is a place that builds relationships, provides a safe space, educates and builds a rapport with the community. If you are in need go and visit, Pillar and Pride or the UPS Store Midtown for you personal and business needs.

To contact them reach out at the following numbers; Pillar and Pride at 313-733-6468 UPS Store Midtown at 313-656-4017


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