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Detroiters voice their concerns about waterfront park closures during Ford's annual fireworks

Detroit- This year the closure of eleven parks and the riverwalk on Fireworks Day stood out too many people. The message was first sent out in the mayor's update to the resident on Friday. The update's main topic was the plans for the fireworks. Explaining places and times like street closures, parking, safety procedures, best views and places citizens viewers couldn't go...the local parks. The city is practicing crowd safety strategies.

The fireworks press release stated that the city and state enforcement would be present. The restriction of guns in certain areas was respected and metal detector ensured that. A curfew was in place for those 17 years of age and under, they must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older after 8:00 p.m. There were even set locations for lost and found children. While safety is a top priority, some people believe the parks closure especially is a little too far.

Monday morning, Detroit residents took to social media and the radio to discuss this manner.

Legallyread_ said, "Closing those parks are ashamed. Yall hosted those ppl for the draft but can't handle the city. Cute." Many Instagram users commented.

Queenqai said, "Everyone needs to keep complaining until they hear you. It makes no sense to close the parks the tax paying citizens enjoy our city."

"I don't understand why the city is closing viewing spots and forcing everyone downtown. It's already too crowded downtown", added Backyardbarbeque.

Following the day after the event, Detroit's General Service Department Director Crystal Perkins released a statement addressing the closure of waterfront parks during the fireworks. Safety being the main factor stating, "Prior to making decisions that will greatly affect our community we analyze all possible resolutions to keep our residents safe." The press release also mentioned, "the closure of these parks on the day of the fireworks has happened for the past 3 years."

Some of those comments were in favor of the park closure. Underconstruction_tam stated, "I totally understand we don't know how to act."

__.liek, also in support of the message added, "Um... that was smart. Ya'll don't know how to act in public."

On Crystal Perkins personal Instagram page (crystal.perkins929), she added her own caption with one remark standing out, "The administration is willing to discuss a resolution that will allow more viewing locations and safety measures for our residents."

These locations were closed: Milliken State Park, AB Ford Park, Gabriel Richard Park, Mariner Park, Lakewood East, Erma Henderson Park, Owens Park, Stockon Park, Maheras – Gentry Park, Elliott Park, Riverside Park.

Parks are not a major problem during fireworks day. Many could understand how it could however the last incident during the fireworks was at the Spirit of Detroit, in 2017. Since then and before the park closures there is not a recorded shooting involving the fireworks night. Detroit held a record-breaking NFL draft, the Grand Prix on the streets for the second year and many other peaceful events. The residents feel that stereotype of Detroiters as criminals and un-behaved citizens need to stop. Being shut out of our neighborhood parks during the time they become the most useful is a sacrifice many Detroiters are looking to change.


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