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  • "Losers"???!!!

    Bill Fletcher, NNPA Columnist|Oct 1, 2020

    Anyone who has followed the career of Donald Trump can only be but so surprised by the allegations that he has demeaned military veterans and fallen fighting men and women. The allegations, which included the identification of fallen soldiers as losers and suckers, follows a pattern of disrespect for those who have made personal sacrifices. In fact, it corresponds to the entire transactional nature of Trump’s relationship with nearly everyone. When I first heard the story, on the Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC), my mouth dropped. I could not believe...

  • Our parents lied to us: Names do hurt, particularly when used by the political Right

    Bill Fletcher, NNPA Columnist|Nov 1, 2018

    In the immediate aftermath of the discovery of bombs targeted at Democratic political leaders, media outlets and personalities critical of Donald Trump, I found myself thinking about that old rhyme, “…sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you…” Well, it turns out that was a lie; names and words do hurt. Trump’s immediate reply to the discovery of the bombs was to call for unity and then, once again, attack the media, as if the media is the source of the growing political tension. Yet what was missing was any ackno... Full story