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  • Urban Journeys - Support September Is Black Reading Month 44 - Septembre est le mois de la lecture noire 2

    David Rambeau, Freelance Contributor|Sep 7, 2023

    We started SIBRM 44 years ago in our quest for Black Literary independence or self determination. When we started we focused on one language: English. Finally, after many delays, we added French, which is now in our second year. Both are languages of power and education around the world, including, if not notably, in Africa. If you watch any of the foreign news items from Africa, you will find the spokespersons speaking English or French. Over 150 million Africans speak French. More Africans...

  • Open Letter to Political Candidates for the November Election, the Candidates Who Ran In the August Primary & Their Media Coordinators

    David Rambeau, Contributing Columnist|Aug 18, 2022

    I get about three emails a day from candidates running for office from all across the nation for national, state and local offices with requests for donations. I get these requests relentlessly. I never get an accounting, nor how the issues relate to me locally, or anyone I know, or how to hold a discussion about the issues at any level of government. Nor do I ever hear about your underwriting overtures or read about relevant local issues in the black media I read and write for on a regular...

  • September is Black Reading Month.

    David Rambeau|Sep 17, 2020

    Will you go to a black bookstore and buy a book by a black author to exercise your brain cells so you won't get distracted by all the rhetoric floating around during this political season. With all the schools closed will you set an example for your children and your grandchildren. Will you visit our literary websites on fb: - - September is Black Reading Month - Concept East Institute of Literature - Concept East Institute of Afro-French Affairs for background...

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