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  • Child Labor Crisis in America

    Tynnetta Harris|Aug 3, 2023

    The United States has a child labor problem and it’s increasingly growing. Recent reports show that there has been an increase in child labor violations, it’s growing at an alarming rate in Michigan and other parts of the country. Many people in the state of Michigan and across the United States are unaware of this. However, there are plenty of those who are fully aware of this issue and are allowing it to happen. Companies are complicit in this practice. Children are being exploited in fac...

  • No jail time for women who drove car into BLM protesters

    Tynnetta Harris, Telegram Reporter|May 11, 2023

    A woman who drove her car into Black Lives Matter protesters in New York City over two years ago will not be facing jail time after agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors. Kathleen Casillo was driving between 39th Street and Third Avenue in Midtown Manhattan when she drove her black BMW sedan through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters with her 29-year-old daughter in the passenger seat on December 11, 2020. Leaving six people injured from the incident. Despite such a violent offense...

  • The Youth Views On Voting

    Tynnetta Harris, Telegram Intern|Aug 5, 2021

    Voting is a controversial topic for a lot of people. Many people have their own opinions and experiences on voting and whether it's beneficial or not. Not everybody cares much about voting while others believe it is their duty to get out and vote. With elections coming up again there's plenty of different viewpoints to look at especially from the youth on why or why not they'll be voting. People who continue to vote are usually those who still have faith in the system who believe that with...

  • Precautions Of Driving Under The Influence

    Tynnetta Harris, Telegram Intern|Jul 15, 2021

    The most dangerous drivers on the road are users of alcohol and marijuana. When you consume alcohol or marijuana right before driving you engage in a certain type of behavior that's dangerous for you, others on the road near you, and innocent bystanders. When users drive under the influence they become more aggressive drivers who are more likely to engage in speeding, running red lights intentionally, and texting while driving. These are dangerous behaviors that impaired drivers take part in....

  • The Rise Of Covid-19 Is Far From Over

    Tynnetta Harris, Telegram Intern|May 13, 2021

    With the recent openings of more businesses and schools it may seem like we are closely getting to the end of Covid-19, but the truth is we're not. We are still in a pandemic and it is far from over. There are still numerous people being hospitalized and dying from the virus. It's important that we still take it seriously. Hundreds of people continue to gather in large crowds. Some are getting back into traveling to several places from out of state to outside the country while others never...