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  • No funerals for 910 AM

    Warren Evans|Aug 31, 2023

    I have been reading with interest the various articles and opinion pieces sadly bemoaning the 'death' of 910 AM Superstation, which recently changed its format from an urban-talk format to sports. The basic thrust of the sentiment seems to be that, in the absence of 910 AM, there is no more Black radio in Southeast Michigan, where the highest percentage of Black residents – and listeners - live. On the contrary, hardly anyone was listening to 910 AM. That's according to station owner Kevin A...

  • Welcoming Students Back to School for 2022-23

    Warren Evans, Wayne County Executive|Sep 1, 2022

    I would like to take this time to welcome all of our Wayne County students back to the classroom for the 2022-23 school year.I also want to wish all of you the very best as you continue to learn and grow. I'm sure you have heard more than one adult say that young people are our future.If it weren't true, we would not continually repeat it.We are counting on you because we believe in you. Who we become as a nation will depend on what each of you chooses to do with your lives. It's quite the...

  • Black leadership should have rallied behind a single candidate

    Warren Evans, Wayne County Executive|Aug 11, 2022

    Unfortunately,Michigan State Senator Adam Hollier has lost his bid to represent the 13th Congressional District of Michigan. But what is more unfortunate is that this didn't have to happen. If Wayne County's diverse Black leadership of faith-based, business, educational, political, community groups and grassroots organizations had united our support behind a single consensus candidate, rather than allowing eight Black candidates to enter the race and duke it out amongst themselves (thereby fract...

  • We Need to Take this COVID-19 Surge Seriously

    Warren Evans, Wayne County Executive|Nov 25, 2021

    As we approach the holiday season, it would be nice if we could all relax and look forward to spending this time with our friends and families without the burden of worry that we all experienced last year when the fear of COVID kept many of us apart. But it now appears COVID-19 is just as much of a threat today as it was at this time in 2020, and that makes no sense whatsoever. We had the power to put the brakes on this pandemic, but instead too many of us - due to a preference for...

  • Statement from Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans to end 'Prison Gerrymandering' in Michigan

    Warren Evans, Wayne County Executive|Sep 23, 2021

    No citizen who has ever been incarcerated would identify prison as their home. Incarcerated persons in Michigan should be counted as residents based on where they choose to live and where they will likely return upon release, not where they are temporarily housed. Typically, after incarceration in Michigan Department of Corrections facilities, reentering citizens do not remain in the rural areas where those prisons are located. They return home after their release, to their own communities where they lived prior to their sentences. Current...

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