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  • Inkster Police Department Hosts Chat With the Chief

    Renee Summers, Telegram Reporter|Feb 8, 2024

    On Thursday, February 1, the Inkster Police Department held its first ever Chat With the Chief event to give residents an opportunity to meet and talk with the city's new police chief, Tamika Jenkins. The event was held at the Booker Dozier Recreation Center and included a community dinner and raffle and was supported by the attendance of members of four of Inkster's neighboring police agencies, including the Wayne County Sheriff's Department. Jenkins had previously served at the Inkster Police...

  • Operation Refuge serving the residents in Inkster and beyond

    Dominique Madden|Feb 8, 2024

    The Telegram News has continued on our DOING THE WORK SERIES. The series will spotlight non-profits in Metropolitan Detroit that are serving the community. This week we set down with Pastor Velma Jean Overman who is the Executive Director for Operation Refuge in Inkster. 1. Provide a brief overview of your organization. Operation Refuge was established in 2008 in the city of Inkster through our church, Christ Temple City of Refuge. This was a time when the housing market turned upside down and...

  • Are Naps Beneficial?

    Clifton R Kirkman II, Telegram Reporter|Feb 8, 2024

    Oftentimes you will hear a person or a group of people say, that they need a trip or that they just need to relax. Well, my response to them is, when's the last time that you've had a nap during the day? I find it to be interesting that if you take a look at nature, many species of animals take naps and several of them during the day. If you can remember, as a child, you took naps and time was carved out during the day specifically, so naps could be taken. Yet, somewhere after kindergarten, it c...

  • Sharing our history; finding the Pioneers among us

    Gina Wilson Steward, Publisher|Feb 8, 2024

    Happy Black History Month! It's no time like the present for you to learn your history. During 2020, the Telegram News had a series entitled, 'Pioneers of African American History' written by Renee Summers. The section focused on sharing information about unfamiliar African Americans. Most people know about Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Madame C. J. Walker, but there are so many others that helped to shape our country and our lives. This year we are highlighting...

  • AHRC: Black History is American History with Global Resonance:

    Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director|Feb 8, 2024

    The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the nation, and Black Americans in celebrating Black History Month. In the US, February is Black History Month. Black History is American History with universal Resonance. Black history is not limited to slavery and Civil Rights. It includes the tremendous contributions Black Americans from all walks of life. It is not an exaggeration to say that the US would be a completely different country without Black Americans. They are an integral part...

  • The Emergency Room vs Urgent Care, Where to Go When You Are Sick?

    Clifton R Kirkman II|Feb 8, 2024

    It's that time of year when people are not feeling their best! They are dealing with colds, viruses, COVID, and other illnesses of the season. Once you realize that the medicine you have been taking or the vitamins aren't working, do you know where you seek medical treatment? In the distant past, there was only one place to head to and that was the Emergency Room. Today, that is not the only option, there are now Urgent Care Centers in your community. They seem like they are popping up...

  • DABO Celebrates Black History Month Black Bottom and Paradise Valley Presentation By Ken Coleman

    Dominique Madden|Feb 8, 2024

    Detroit's lower east side is where blues great John Lee Hooker performed at Henry's Swing Bar on Madison Street in Black Bottom strumming his guitar and voicing in his signature style spoken-word Mississippi drawl. Here, he recorded one of his popular hits, "Boogie Chillen." It is also where Black congregations like Tabernacle Baptist Church, which the Sheffield family helped to found, Plymouth Congregational Church and others launched their religious institutions. It is also where Coleman A....

  • Glorified Pork Chops Make a Simple Weeknight Dinner

    Renee Summers, Telegram Reporter|Feb 8, 2024

    From the time I was a young wife and mother I have always enjoyed trying something new for dinner. This recipe for Glorified Chops was given to me by a co-worker more than 20 years ago. The recipe itself is basic and I have tinkered with it over the years and offer now what is to me a fairly simple main dish that can appeal to novice cooks or teenagers if you are attempting cooking lessons with them in the kitchen. It uses something many of us keep as a staple in our cupboards-condensed soup....

  • Climate Change Impacts in Detroit "Rain Gardens to the Rescue"

    Erma Leaphart Gouch|Feb 8, 2024

    I'm willing to bet that most people reading this article have noticed that we are experiencing more rain that comes down with greater intensity. In other words, it's raining cats and dogs, causing street flooding, basement backups, and combined sewer overflows. These intense storms are a result of a warming climate. Greenhouse gasses (GHG) trap water moisture in the lower atmosphere, causing clouds to contain much more moisture, returning to Earth as rain or snow. As we continue to pump more...

  • State Rep. Farhat Uplifts Dearborn in Wake of Hateful Opinion Piece

    Alabas Farhat, Michigan State Representative|Feb 8, 2024

    LANSING, Mich., Feb. 6, 2024 - State Rep. Alabas Farhat (D-Dearborn) introduced House Resolution 182 today in response to the bigoted opinion piece about Dearborn published in the Wall Street Journal last Friday. Following the piece's publishing, leaders from across the nation, including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and President Joe Biden, have spoken up against the vile rhetoric leveled against the city and its residents. "As a proud resident of Dearborn, I am deeply troubled by the fear-mongering...

  • NNPA's Historic Town Hall Sparks Dialogue on Strengthening Black-Jewish Relations Amid Rising Hate

    Stacy M. Brown, NNPA National Correspondent|Feb 8, 2024

    The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) orchestrated a transformative Town Hall between Black and Jewish leaders at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, creating a pivotal moment during the trade association's 2024 Midwinter Training Conference. The NNPA is a trade association representing the more than 250 African American-owned newspapers and media companies that comprise the original Black Press of America. The objective of the...

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