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Articles from the June 30, 2022 edition

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  • NNPA and Transformative Justice Coalition Announce National GOTV Campaign Targeting 10 Million More Black Voters

    Stacy M. Brown, NNPA National Correspondent|Jun 30, 2022

    Ahead of the all-important 2022 midterm elections, reports show that more than 55 million Americans remain unregistered to vote – and about 10 million are African Americans who are eligible to vote but who are unregistered. Whether the reason is because of apathy, suppression, or other means, the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and the Transformative Justice Coalition seek to get to the bottom of why, with so much at stake, voter registration and GOTV mobilization remain l...

  • GA Is Here To Stay

    Xaiver Jones, Telegram Media Specialist|Jun 30, 2022

    Ecorse High School is going through a culture of change. From academics, to athletics, even down to the student culture. This is not the same land Red Raiders walked on fifty, twenty, or even five years ago. It seems as if a new set of commandments are becoming etched into stone. Ecorse has a man in its building dedicated to leading that change. He was offered an opportunity almost four years ago, and declared himself committed to the cause. Gerrod Abram was hired by Ecorse High School to coach...