Ecorse High School displays college flags in hallway

As superintendent of Ecorse Public Schools, Dr. Josha Talison has already made great progress in preparing the students in his charge for the challenges and opportunities which await them. Talison has been on the job for just under a year and recently announced the creation of three new programs aimed at attendees of Ecorse Community High School. Beginning in the fall of 2018, students will have the option of looking ahead to either higher education or obtaining career training while still in high school.

The Ecorse Promise Scholarship Initiative will allow students in the 10th grade and above to earn an associate degree in conjunction with Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD). Talison says there will be no additional cost for students already enrolled in Ecorse Public Schools and students may choose any academic area to focus their studies on. The students who choose this option can save their families up to $20,000 in college expenses. Talison says this is an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for a four-year university.

Talison concedes, however, that college is not for everyone. Joining the already existing radio and television broadcasting training program at Ecorse High School this fall will be a cosmetology training program and digital media training program. These career training options will give students the skills necessary to find employment following high school graduation. The digital media training will also prepare students for further education in areas of web design and graphic arts. The cosmetology program will require 1500 hours of instruction and would take students roughly two years to complete.

Dr. Josha Talison

While enthusiastic about the new training programs being made available, Talison was disappointed on May 8 when Ecorse residents rejected a proposal to create a sinking fund which would have allowed the school district to collect tax revenue to be used for building repairs and upgrades. "You have to have a vibrant school system if you're going to have a vibrant community, " Talison says of the much-needed funds. The proposal will appear on the ballot again in August and Talison plans to hold more community meetings to inform the residents before the primary election. He wants to be certain residents are aware of how the additional revenue can and cannot be spent. If the residents approve the proposal, Talison would like to put the funds to work on building maintenance and additional security lighting around the schools. Talison wants students in buildings that are safe, secure and sanitary. "When you're in a good school environment, when your buildings look good, you feel good about yourself," he says.

Talison wants the community to know that it is vital to support the school district. He welcomes phone calls and encourages residents to bring any questions to him regarding the upcoming ballot proposal. Dr. Josha Talison can be reached at 313-294-4750.


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