Gun control messages in the Main Stream Media


I was watching Supergirl last Monday when I suddenly started to get a lecture in gun control.

Not in person but from the show.

This isn't the first time that a CW Arrowverse show preached about gun control.

Last year the show Arrow approached the subject. Which causes me and many others to ask, why must the left turn everything into a political message. I just want to be entertained not constantly informed. If I want to be informed I'll turn on FOX News or CNN.

The left seems to take everything it touches and ruins it. Award shows, schools, the NFL and Canada.

The gun contol message on Supergirl was just another in a long line of the left trying to indoctrinate the masses.

In Supergirl, a gun that resembles an AR-15 was used in a shooting incident. The government police force in the show, the DEO, was asking the gun manufacturer why the gun was marketed to civilians when it should only be used by the military and the police.

Their belief was a gun like that is only used for killing and not by families for hunting.

I guess the producers of the show forgot about that little inconvenience called the 2nd Amendment.

The amendment our fore fathers gave us to protect us from a tyrannical government.

Here is the funny thing. The left, who doesn't like the current leadership because they think them tyrannical, only want them to have the guns.

I believe we should have what the government have, provided we are properly trained to use such guns, to protect us from the government.

Keep them in check.

I don't know why so many people want the government in charge of us.


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