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 By James Abeare    Opinion    August 5, 2021

Let's hear it for the girls

With some of the drama circling the Summer Games and the general lack of interest in them, has anyone noticed the U.S. Women’s Basketball Team this year. They played through Group B play winning t...

 By James Abeare    Opinion    March 18, 2021

The War on Cartoons

Yeah, I know the title sounds ridiculous but it is going on. The casualties so far are Disney’s Dumbo, Peter Pan and the Aristo Cats, for supposed racist depictions, along with Pepe LePew for promotin...


Could this be the end?

As a Trump supporter, I hate to say this, but I think that the President should concede the election and set his eyes towards 2024. After four years of Biden/Harris, we might be ready to go back to Tr...


Are you still ridin' with Biden?

We saw the last 2020 presidential debate last week and it was pretty balanced and tame than the first debate. But one thing popped out during the debate that made everyone heads spin. He said that he...


Trump vs. the Virus

There has only been one thing in the news this past weekend, even as news about an FBI conspiracy against President Trump has started to come out. The President went into Walter Reed Hospital last...


Rest In Peace R.B.G.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the liberal lioness of the Supreme Court, died last week. She was 87. She was nominated to the Court by President Bill Clinton in 1993, and stayed on until death. She beca...

 By James Abeare    Opinion    June 4, 2020

And just like that, people stopped talking about Covid-19

Let’s look at the riots of the last week. The cops have pretty much stood down and have taken a defensive posture. The protestors, though aggravating, have been fairly peaceful. The trouble comes f... Full story

 By James Abeare    Opinion    May 21, 2020

Things are slowly, slowly, starting to come back

Things are starting to come back. NASCAR restarted last Sunday with a race at Darlington, South Carolina. Golf had a small charity event also last weekend. Both without fans. With the nicer weather,... Full story

 By James Abeare    Opinion    May 14, 2020

Sports starting up this week

I will admit when I am wrong and it looks like I am wrong in this. But, it looks like sports, especially professional sports, will start again this week. NASCAR is first up this weekend at... Full story

 By James Abeare    Sports    April 30, 2020

Was the Draft a lesson in futility?

The National Football League conducted their annual draft last weekend, and the Lions’ results where pretty much mmh. Nothing spectacular, nothing too bad. No surprises. They filled some needs. S... Full story


Nasty Nancy

On Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. Why make such a spectacle of yourself. It did in some way work. No one is talking about the speach, just about you tearing up the State of the Union speech. According to you... Full story



With all the lunacy going on in Washington the last week with the impeachment trial of President Trump, we were reminded last weekend of what is important. Nine people, including Kobe Bryant and his... Full story


High school coach gets suspended for winning

A Long Island, New York, high school football coach was suspended for winning-and winning big time. The final score was 61-13. Now if you are a follower of American college football a score like that... Full story

 By James Abeare    Opinion    April 18, 2019

Not in my backyard

For years, Sanctuary Cities across the country have been saying how open and welcoming they are to undocumented (illegal) immigrants. The mayor of Oakland, California, last year, warned undocumented i... Full story

 By James Abeare    Opinion    March 21, 2019

The Meat Tax

According to Webster it is a tax on certain things that are made, sold, or used within a country. An excise tax, more commonly known as a “sin tax” is usually reserved for products that are bel... Full story


The next Superman?

One of the hottest rumors circling around Hollywood these days is, Creed and Black Panther star, Michael B. Jordan might be the next Superman. Though Warner Bros. said the next Superman movie won't... Full story


Fake does actually exist

The major mainstream media had a bad time last week, mostly brought on by themselves. It got so bad that special counsel Robert Mueller said to basically that the story about President Trump advising... Full story


Political Correctness running wild, defies science

The politically correct crowd are starting to loose it. This time a school in England will start teaching children that all genders have periods. Yes, even the boys. Science is now standing on it’s h... Full story


The War on Christmas, 2018

This politically correct stuff is getting out of hand this holiday season. Oops better say Christmas season or the extreme Right will be upset. The P.C. forces and some on the Left are trying to... Full story


What was he thinking?

Last week Kid Rock was in Nashville to be the Grand Marshall of the city’s Christmas parade. That Friday morning he was interviewed by Steve Doocy on FOX & Friends. The interview went very well except... Full story


Man 69, sues to be 49

People of this world just seem to get crazier and crazier. Remember my column on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals declaring milk racist? Well this is another good one. A Dutch man, Emile... Full story


Excelsior! Rest in Peace Stan Lee

Last Monday was a sad day for comic book fans the world over. Legendary comc book editor and multi-media giant Stan Lee died at the age of 95. He was preceded in death by his wifeJoan who had died in... Full story


Milk, the official beverage of the Ku Klux Klan? Really....

Idiocy has reached a new level. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has declared cow's milk racist. Is this what we have become? Declaring everything racist? And it isn't for what...


Okay, let's take a collective deep breath

Let us understand this right now. President Trump is not to blame for the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh or the sending of fake bombs to the Democratic leadership around the country. Any more than B... Full story


Both sides protest, we just have to quit the violence

Mob: noun 1.a disorderly or riotous crowd of people. 2.a crowd bent on or engaged in lawless violence. 3.any group or collection of persons or things. Why start my column with a definition of the... Full story


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