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Father's Day to Special Person's Day? No Way!

I know it is the Thursday after Father’s Day, but a story that started last year reared it’s ugly head again this year.

The idea to change from Father’s Day to Special Person’s Day.

The theory is to not offend children who may not have a father.

This also brings a question: what about Mother’s Day?

Well, one school in Australia has decided to celebrate U. N. International Day of Families instead.

??? What is that?

A politically correct day that doesn’t offend.

Changing Father’s Day to Special Person’s Day is currently in Australia, but most politically correct movements do find a home in America these days, usually starting in California.

I know there are people here who think this is a good idea.

Fathers for years have been portrayed, in the media, as dullards or to self important put up with children.

Fathers are some of the few people you can actually make fun of in public.

It is a good thing most of us have a sense of humor.

The guilty, white liberal will think this is a good idea, but it isn’t.

Father’s, who are there, are important to these children.

They deserve to be honored with their own day.

Trying to eliminate fathers through political correctness is wrong.

Jim has been a contributor to the Telegram for over five years. You can reach Jim at jamesabeare75@


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