Trump's new SCOTUS justice pick


Face it, no matter who President Trump would’ve named to the Supreme Court, the Left would’ve come out against them.

So much so, that one group sent out a press briefing, before Brett Kavanaugh was named, with an XX where the name was supposed to go.

Since naming Kavanaugh, the Left has been unhinged. They brought out the tried and warned out arguments that they always come out with whenever a Republican president names a conservative judge.

“Women will die”, “America will end as we know it”, “Grannie will be thrown off the cliff”. Democrats and the Left always bring out the scare tactics.

The trouble is, not too many people know that much about Kavanaugh. Can we go through the hearings first?

Find out a bit about him first?

All I know about him I heard from the news. He is Catholic, a CYO coach, has over 300 written decisions. He is also part of the Washington establishment.

Being a Catholic might scare off some off the more progressive senators and congressmen. They are already afraid that he will single handedly over turn Roe vs. Wade.

I think abortion activists are safe.

There are more important things to worry about than Roe. Kavanaugh would have been a natural choice for any Republican president.

But this is Trump’s choice, and they don’t like Trump. Let’s take a collective breath and let the hearings play out.

Jim has been a contributing columnist for the Telegram for over five years. You can contact him at [email protected].


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