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By James Abeare
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World Health Organization declares bacon as bad for you as smoking


August 30, 2018

It was all over the internet last week.

The World Health Organization came out with it’s final declaration that bacon causes cancer, just as much as smoking.

Only the final study came out in the spring and just made the headlines.

It probably would have gotten more play, but the main sream media was busy giving Trump negative coverage for anything he did at that time.

This finding, probably made the food police quite happy.

They have been wanting to get rid of bacon and other processed meats since 2015, when the first studies first came out.

Some people probably won’t be happy until we only eat organic kale and tofu.

The World Health Organization didn’t limit it to processed meats but also red meets such as beef, pork, lamb and veal.

All my favorites.

It is believed that high-temperature cooking methods (such as cooking meat in direct contact with a flame) produce more carcinogenic compounds.

Originally, the study said there were not enough data "to reach a conclusion about whether the way meat is cooked affects the risk of cancer."

Well I guess they have reached their conclusions.

The American Cancer Society has recommended for years that we a heavy plant based diet with limited red and processed meats.

But I bet like me, most prefer a side of steak with their salad.

Under a government run health care system,

I bet more studies will come out saying what we should and shouldn’t eat and the food police will be more emboldened telling us what to eat. Some states have already started to limit how you can order certain foods in restaurants.

The left has started to take the fun out of certain areas of our life.

Look at the National Football League. The use of plastic straws is a felony in certain cities and I think New York City has limited how much soda you can get at a meal. Now they want to come after our bacon.

I say we draw the line here or who knows what they dry to limit or ban next.

Jim as been a columnist for the Telegram for over five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected].


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