Football season 2018


September 6, 2018

It is finally here!

Football season in the States.

I have watched the Lions’ preseason, the first games for both Michigan and Michigan State and half of the Canadian Football League season and what I have learned in this young season is; both Michigan and Michigan State needs work, the Lions aren’t really ready for the season to start and the Calgary Stampeders are one of the best teams in pro football.

Let’s start with Michigan first.

The team was not ready for Notre Dame. They couldn’t get anything going on offense and could not stop anything on defense. The game has prompted people to start wondering if Jim Harbaugh is an over rated college coach. Harbaugh has to know something as a coach, he did take the San Francisco 49ers to Superbowl XLVII. But he has been mediocre at best, so far, as Michigan’s coach. But who is out there that can replace him.

Not really anyone. Harbaugh is better than most coaches out there and if released from Michigan would be highly sought.

Michigan plays in one of college football’s toughest divisions with Ohio State, Michigan State and Penn State.

Michigan will probably have another 8 game winning season, but needs to beat a ranked team in an away game.

Which brings us to Michigan State and their win (just barely) over Utah State. State should’ve won better than 38-31. The 38 points State put up was good, even though they kept shooting themselves in the foot with dumb penalties. Worse was Utah State kept running, at will, through Michigan State’s defense. I am not too worried yet.

With a coach like D’Antonio that should be fixed, but State has a tough contest this week at Arizona State in triple digit heat at a later time, 10:45 pm.

Michigan State should come in second in the Big Ten east behind Ohio State and third in the conference with Wisconsin taking number two, but should still get a prime bowl game.

Maybe even a New Year’s Day game. Citrus Bowl anyone?

For the last year I have been saying that the Lions will be 10-6 and will miss the playoffs.

After this last preseason, I might be ready to lower my expectations. All I saw was red flags on offense and defense. But I didn’t really see much of the offensive starters play, particularly Matthew Stafford. I did see a lot of Matt Cassel and was happy he was named backup quarterback. Still, the Lions play in the toughest division in the National Football League and with the right breaks either Green Bay, Minnesota and yes, even Detroit, could take the division.

But I think Minnesota is the class of the NFC North.

I am also glad that both CBS and ESPN won’t show the National Anthem and it’s protests.

We need to keep politics out of football and enjoy the games.

As for the Calgary Stampeders?

They should win the Grey Cup this year, unless they come up against another hot at the right time, eastern team, like the Toronto Argonauts who shocked the football world and beat Calgary last year. The Stampeders have half a season left to clinch their spot this year.

Jim has been a contributor to the Telegram for over the last five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected]


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