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By James Abeare
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Both sides protest, we just have to quit the violence


October 18, 2018

Mob: noun

1.a disorderly or riotous crowd of people.

2.a crowd bent on or engaged in lawless violence.

3.any group or collection of persons or things.

Why start my column with a definition of the word mob.

Because there seems to be trouble, especially in the main stream media on what a mob actually is.

A group of people might technically be a mob but most are actually peaceful protesters.

People marching through a street, holding signs, holding up traffic, might be aggravating, but are also peaceful protesters.

Whether we agree with them or not.

A group of angry people banging on the doors of the Supreme Court shouting “Tear it down!”, that was a mob.

The group that followed Sen. Jeff Flake into an elevator and shouted at him until he changed his mind and asked for more investigation into Judge Kavanaugh, was small but still a mob.

A group standing on a street corner holding signs, whether an anti-Trumper or Tea Party member are protesters.

Though the media made the Tea Partiers out to be mobs.

The thing is, both the Left and Right have their protesters and their mobs.

It is the mobs we have to try a reign in.

What is going on though, the left leaning media is calling the mob at the Supreme Court doors and the

Antifa people in Portland, Oregon, stopping traffic and banging on cars as the drivers try to get through, peaceful protesters.

But they have also called the Million Man March, a group of Christian men dedicated to families a mob.

Angry mobs have no place in a peaceful protest.

They usually wind up starting riots and looting.

If you want to peacefully protest, which is your Constitutional right, go ahead.

I will fight for you to do it whether I agree with it or not.

Though I might make a sign and counter protest, which is my right.

If you want to form a mob and humiliate and hurt people and destroy property, well that is what the police are for.

Most mobs seem to be professional protesters bussed in to cause trouble funded by people with very deep pockets, like George Soros.

Let’s not let the mobs take away our right to free speech and protesting.

Jim has been a contributing columnist for over the last five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected].


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