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By James Abeare
Telegram Columnist 

Okay, let's take a collective deep breath


November 1, 2018

Let us understand this right now. President Trump is not to blame for the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh or the sending of fake bombs to the Democratic leadership around the country.

Any more than Bernie Sanders has to do with last year’s shooting of congressman Steve Scalise at a Republican softball practice.

The people that performed these acts are the ones at fault. So quit blaming the President, the news media, whatever and put the blame where it belongs.

The perpetrators.

The main stream media is biased against Trump and will blame him for anything bad

that happens.

If President Trump was to cure cancer, the media would say that he purposely put doctors out of work.

To be fair, FOX News and talk radio places their share of blame on the leaders of the Left.

I know, I watch and listen to a lot of it.

Sometimes I even do in my columns. But the President is not evil personified. He is trying to do the best job he sees fit.

Just like Obama did. And just like Obama did at times, he has made mistakes.

Case in point, trying to stop children born in the U.S., of noncitizens, rightful citizenship.

The hate and distrust on both sides have to stop.

We have an election next week and there is a fifty-fifty chance that Republicans will when. Are we going to have two more years of hate, until 2020 if they do?

Jim has been a contributor to the Telegram for over the last five years. You can contact Jim at jamesabeare75@gmail,com.


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