The War on Christmas, 2018


December 13, 2018

This politically correct stuff is getting out of hand this holiday season. Oops better say Christmas season or the extreme Right will be upset.

The P.C. forces and some on the Left are trying to squeeze the enjoyment out of Christmas’s traditions. The newset examples this year are:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving being declared racist. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer being about bullying, sexist and homophobic.

The song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” being about rape and offending women. And candy canes being forbidden in school because they are in the form of a “J”.

Let’s start with Charlie Brown.

The Thanksgiving special is now racist

because the character, Franklin who is African-American. Is seated on one side of the Thanksgiving ping-pong table across from his white friends. Anyone stop to think it was hard to draw all those characters right and Franklin was just drawn there.

I think Linus and Charlie Brown were at the ends of the table which left Marcie, Sally and Peppermint Patty. You can just as easily say sexist, as Franklin, a boy, was opposite the girls.

With Rudolf the Left is just reaching. Bullying? Sexist? It is about overcoming your fears and the odds against you and succeeding. I don’t know where homophobia came from.

“Baby, it’s Cold Outside” is a Christmas classic that came out in the 1940s and is about a woman wanting to leave before the snow gets worse and the man begs her to stay.

The Left now says this song is about rape and radio stations have dropped the song. But listener feedback was so negative that stations have put the song back into rotation.

Even CBC Radio put it back on air. One small victory for Christmas. The candy cane controversy at an elementary school in Nebraska is new.

The principal banned them because they are in the shape of a “J”, and he says “J” is the first letter in the name “Jesus”.

Kuddos, he can spell. Thing is “Jesus” is also a Spanish name and very common. This principal is also trying to ban the colors red and green because they are Christmas colors.

So the letter “J” and the colors red and green are too Christian to be allowed in public school.

People say that President Trump is the divisive force in the country. It is actually the politically correct movement. They are sucking fun out of everything.

Jim has been a contributing columnist to the Telegram for over five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected].


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