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Political Correctness running wild, defies science

The politically correct crowd are starting to loose it.

This time a school in England will start teaching children that all genders have periods.

Yes, even the boys.

Science is now standing on it’s head.

The Brighton and Hove city council approved the controversial move to battle the stigma over menstruation.

According to the Telegraph Newspaper out of the United Kingdom, this was hailed as a victory for the transgender movement.

I didn’t know that menstruation had a stigma.

I also didn’t know that males can have periods.

Silly me.

But this is true only with non-binary and transgender boys (girls that identify as boys).

Now I am all for equal rights for for the transgendered community.

They shouldn’t be fired from their job or forced to move for being who they are.

But you can’t change science forward a political belief, though the global climate change crowd has been doing a good job at it for years,

This in no way adds to the argument for transgender rights.

It has actually brought ridicule to an important subject.

I wish the P.C. crowd would shut up and stop trying to forward the ridiculous.

I am sure you heard about their attempt to ban the saying “Bring home the bacon” because it offends the animal rights groups.

This changing things to not being offensive is really starting to get offensive.

Jim has been a contributor to the Telegram for over five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected].


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