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By James Abeare
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Fake does actually exist


January 24, 2019

The major mainstream media had a bad time last week, mostly brought on by themselves. It got so bad that special counsel Robert Mueller said to basically that the story about President Trump advising Michael Cohen to lie wasn’t true.

But the Trump hating Left leaning media couldn’t help stepping in saying that it was an impeachable offense, “if true”.

The story was in BuzzFeed and was later disregarded by Mueller as untrue, which put eggs on the faces of the mainstream media.

The next story that was proven false was of the Catholic students from Covington, Kentucky, wearing red MAGA hats mocking a native American activist while he was beating his drum.

Turns out the true story was the students were being harassed by members of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

The students were waiting for their bus after marching in a pro-life rally in Washington.

That is when the members of the Black Hebrew Israelites came up and started shouting “Go back to Europe” at the kids.

That is when native American activist, Nathan Phillips came up between the two groups to try and calm things down.

The picture that has hit social media of student Nick Sandmann standing in front of Phillips as he was beating his drum. He might have smirked a little but Sandmann was mocking Phillips.

Sandmann’s biggest crime was being a white, male, pro-lifer wearing a MAGA hat.

He and the rest of the students have been thown under the bus, so to speak, by their school and the Diocease in Kentucky.

Left off the hook and ignored by the media was the Black Hebrew Israelites. They didn’t fit the left leaning media’s narrative. Fake news is alive and well and should be stopped.

Jim has been a contributing columnist to the Telegram for over the last five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected].


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