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Not in my backyard

For years, Sanctuary Cities across the country have been saying how open and welcoming they are to undocumented (illegal) immigrants.

The mayor of Oakland, California, last year, warned undocumented immigrants that ICE was going to come through the city.

An the mayor of Philadelphia was dancing the Happy Dance (literally) when the city council voted to make it a sanctuary city. So to help with the overcrowding of immigrants in border towns, like San Diego and El Paso, President Trump came up with a brilliant idea.

He was going to ease the crowding by sending immigrants to the sanctuary cities across the country.

Guess what?

The sanctuary cities that are so welcoming, don’t want them.

They said it was dumping in their cities.

Comparing these immigrants to trash. So much for being open and welcoming. They (probably the Left) want the immigrants should go to other areas of the country.

Like what happened with the Somalian refugees years ago when they were sent to Minnesota. I guess the Left want them in areas that usually vote red so they can vote blue.

It is no secret that illegal immigrants would vote Democrat when they get the right to vote.

The Democrats want to give them free everything, including college tuition.

The legal immigrants and native born Americans get nothing. Except the bill.

I am for the wall now more than ever. But the wall needs doors for people to come in legally.

America is a welcoming country and we want immigrants, but legally. And hopefully they will carry the American flag when coming in.

Jim has been a columnist for the Telegram for over the last five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected].


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