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The DBT Experience

The D Town Bucking Tigerrettes is a hip hop majorette Dance team, led and coached by Amber Lynn Hunter. The D Town Bucking Tigerrettes have been practicing, working, and bonding all Summer. Coach Amber has been going all out when it comes to making dancing machines out of her young ladies.

Practice made perfect for DBT's annual showcase. This year titled the DBT Experience, was held in Coach Amber's spacious lawn. An experience was exactly what it was. Cars lined Ellsworth Street for food, custom lemonades, book vendors and a bounce house Coach secured for her team and the neighborhood children to play on.

Show time initiated and the D Town Bucking Tigerrettes strolled on the scene with militant grace. Coach Amber led the way as the team took the field with the uniforms shed spent the night before crafting. All levels of DBT stunted their skills with lively precision. The dips, kicks, flips, and moves taught by Coach Amber shined bright as the sun.

The DBT Experience was a huge success for many reasons. The young ladies of DBT were able to fundraise and display their passion to the community. Most importantly the girls had fun, they had the opportunity to fellowship and bond with their peers before school starts. Coach Amber and the D Town Bucking Tigerrettes appreciate the support and are working hard on making next season's showcase a spectacular show.


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