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By Gina Steward

Do you know what you did?


December 12, 2019

Tamia Crawford Cook

Last week, I received a phone call that turned my life upside down. One of my kids were gone. Someone had taken the life of Tamia Crawford. True enough Tamia was not my birth child, however during her years of high school and her friendship with my sons, she was like part of my family. Do you know what you did?

I know her birth parents are hurting. I know her siblings are hurting. I know her family is hurting. You have taken her away from all of these people. Do you know what you did?

She wasn't able to have any children to share that smile and that loving heart with. Her life was cut short. Do you know what you did?

When someone takes a person's life, they not only take that life, they take something away from family and friends. Do you know what you did?

You have taken a lovely lady from us. We will have memories of the times we spent together and yes those memories will always be in our heart. I looked over the letter I wrote for her to get into college. Do you know what you did?

You have forced me to continue to remember the weekend we spent in Florida and to force me to look at the photo on my desk and smile.

My family; Larnell, Terri, Artanza, Michael, Robert, Me, Tamia and Allan during our weekend in Daytona Beach, Florida in May 2018

Do you know what you did?

You have encouraged mothers and fathers and family members to hug more, to say I love you more, to cherish our loved ones more and to share more of ourselves with our family. You have been a catalyst for more prayer to be happening daily.

We must pray for people. We must value every moment that we have here on earth. We must thank God for each waking moment and each breath that we and our family takes. I know I have been changed.

I along with her River Rouge Family will miss her and her beautiful heart.

The Homegoing service for Tamia Crawford Cook will be held at River Rouge High School 1460 Coolidge in River Rouge on Saturday, December 14th. Family hour will begin at 10:00am and the Funeral will begin at 11:00.

Gina Wilson Steward



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