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This is your opportunity to get to know the people that will be on the November ballot. Check back each week to learn about more candidates. KIMBERLY ALEXANDER CANDIDATE FOR ECORSE CITY COUNCIL . WHY...

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    June 4, 2020

It's hard to celebrate in times like these

This week marks my 15th Anniversary as owner of the Telegram Newspaper. What an accomplishment for me and my family! Last year, I had this grand plan of celebrating my 15th Anniversary and the 75th An... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    April 30, 2020

I'm tired of being in the house, But I must stay in

Oh how I would love for things to be back to normal; or just a little less confined. It has been about five weeks of being in the house and I seem to be having 'cabin fever'. I have watched some good... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    April 23, 2020

Working Together as we Prepare for after the Pandemic

Wow! The times we are living in are really putting our government and mental stability to a test. What are we to do? One; we must pray and realize that there is a higher power in control. Two; We... Full story

 By Gina Steward    News    April 9, 2020

Surviving Covid-19 An interview with State Rep. Tyrone Carter

The Telegram Newspaper sat down for an interview with State Representative Tyrone Carter. Since he tested positive for the coronavirus last month we wanted to use this opportunity to share first hand... Full story

 By Gina Steward    News    March 26, 2020


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a stay at home order that took effect on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. She said, "This disease can't spread if we are not out there." Please take heed to this. You... Full story


My aunties pass down a Legacy of Love

As the celebration of Woman's History Month comes to an end, I want to shout out a group of ladies that have had an immense affect on my life. I normally write a column about my mom during this month... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    March 19, 2020

Are you able to Multi-task? In 2020, you must be.

There is so much going on that you have to be able to manage more than one thing as once. I have always bragged that I can multi-task, but even I am being challenged to stay focused. The Coronavirus... Full story


Do you know the words to Lift Every Voice and Sing?

For those of you that know me, you know I have a thing about The Black National Anthem' – Lift Every Voice and Sing. Last year2019, was the 100th year anniversary of the song/poem. Lift Every Voice a... Full story


Is your license plate light on?

Do you know why I stopped you? That is what the police officer said to me the other day? Lights blarring and my passengers looking at me. No, I don't know why you stopped me sir. The officer says,... Full story


Do You Know Your History?

I know it isn't February yet, but it doesn't have to be February for you to learn about your history. During 2020, the Telegram News will have a series entitled, 'Pioneers of African American... Full story


Do you have a savings plan for 2020?

Good financial habits start with an effort. Do you have $260.00 in your savings account (or in the box under your bed)? If not, do you have a plan to get there by the end of the year? If you saved... Full story


Top five reasons to Think Local - Buy Local - Be Local

The local community would be better if the residents supported the local businesses. Our buying power is just that...Powerful. When we spend our money with local businesses it keeps the doors open... Full story


Do you know what you did?

Last week, I received a phone call that turned my life upside down. One of my kids were gone. Someone had taken the life of Tamia Crawford. True enough Tamia was not my birth child, however during... Full story



How much time do your children spend reading in a week? Do they see you reading? I have always been a reader. My parents made sure we read books, mostly Black History books or stories, however we... Full story


Midget's Market has a re-grandopening

The owners of Midget's Market had something special for the community that they love. They remodeled the store where they call home and invited the community over to celebrate. The Midget's store has...

 By Gina Steward    News    October 3, 2019

Water Warriors use their voice for Environmental Justice

DETROIT - Members of the Democracy Defense League drove down from Flint, Michigan because they say this environmental justice thing is critical. They call themselves the Water Worriers of Flint. They... Full story


Are people born Activists? Or is it a learned behavior?

I watched a group of young people at the Annual NAACP State Convention this past weekend and I began to ponder the question, why are they activist? Were they born with the Activist gene or did they be... Full story


Does your life have meaning?

Have you ever contemplated whether your life has meaning? Do you think that the thing that you do will have a lasting impact on your family, community or the world? As I have been looking over my... Full story


It's time to get active in your community

Well, summer is coming to an end. It is time for the youth to go back to school. Some are going to college and some are going to elementary. That will free up some time for most parents to take some... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    June 27, 2019

We are going home to Ecorse as we celebrate another year of success

Thank you so much for your support of the Telegram Newspaper. June 1, 2019, marked my 13th year as CEO/Publisher of this awesome community newspaper. I couldn't have done it without the support of... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Lifestyles    May 9, 2019

Next class of River Rouge High School student leaders complete program

The River Rouge Leadership Program celebrated its sixth year of building new leaders. On Saturday, April 27, 2019 this year's program ended with the much anticipated Cotillion and Beautillion Ball.... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    May 9, 2019

It's time to get engaged in your community

I have realized that one of the most important things that is missing is ‘community engagement’. Some of the major issues that are affecting our homes, community, state and the nation can be resolved... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    May 2, 2019

What happened to saying 'Thank You'?

The utterance of two words can make the difference in a person’s day…..”Thank You”. I always say Thank You. It’s a way of showing gratitude. For example, when I’m going through the serving lin... Full story


My mom's legacy lives on

Wow! It has been 18 years since my mom left us. March 15, 2001 was a different type of day. I wasn't sad because my mom had fought a good fight. She was like 1 in every 8 women who have breast... Full story


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