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Working Together as we Prepare for after the Pandemic

Wow! The times we are living in are really putting our government and mental stability to a test. What are we to do? One; we must pray and realize that there is a higher power in control. Two; We must follow the guidelines in place to keep us safe. Three; We must learn the lessons so we won’t be affected like this again and Four; We must prepare for life after the Pandemic. We will get through this together.

As I focused on what the Telegram can do as part of the ‘We’, I decided to reach out to small businesses. We will be opening the doors of our businesses soon and we need to let people know that we are still here. So we are reaching out to small businesses in the Telegram News distribution area to offer you a free listing of your business. We will list all businesses that reach out in our Preparing for After the Pandemic Listing In our April 30th issue of the Telegram News and on our website

To have your business listed reach out to us at [email protected], call me at 313-949-3133, or follow us on Facebook @telegramnews for more information.

While you are staying home and safe, we are offering a 3-Month home delivery Subscription for $10.00. We feel that this way you can keep up with the community news and COVID-19 news that affect us each week without going to the local store to purchase a Telegram. See information below and on page 9A


We are in this together and we will get through this together.

Gina Wilson Steward



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