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Was the Draft a lesson in futility?

The National Football League conducted their annual draft last weekend, and the Lions’ results where pretty much mmh.

Nothing spectacular, nothing too bad.

No surprises.

They filled some needs. Some of the needs were self inflicted, like trading away one of the best corner backs in the league in Darius Slay only to draft a new corner back.

Put the main question I have is, was the draft a draft in futility? I am not talking about the Lions, because I doubt they will make the playoffs this year. But will there be a season this year? And if there is a season, will fans be allowed?

It is still too early to tell what the football season will be like this year. There is talk about moving college football to the spring. But the NFL season? I don’t know. I am hoping for football this year, but not expecting it.

Various NBA teams are starting to practice in open states. There is no word on the Pistons as of this writing. They still have yet to say if or when the 2020 NBA season will resume.

And what will the NFL season look like? It could be a partial season. It is still too early to tell.

Camps don’t open until July.

We will have to see if the lock downs are gone and science says it is safe to practice. Though under the new normal who knows what it will look like.

Jim has been a contributing columnist to the Telegram for over the last five years. You can contact Jim at jamesabeare@gmail.



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