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Sports starting up this week

I will admit when I am wrong and it looks like I am wrong in this. But, it looks like sports, especially professional sports, will start again this week.

NASCAR is first up this weekend at Darlington, the first of four races in eleven days.

The German professional soccer league is next to start followed by PGA golf.

Major League Baseball will probably start playing in early July.

The National Football League is planning on a September start with the Texans taking on the Chiefs in Kansas City on Thursday, September 10th.

These sporting events will probably have no fans in attendance. There are some areas of concern as the sports world tries to open.

The Canadian Football League is looking at the possibility of no season this year.

College football, with states opening up in drips and drams, could have conferences open up without some teams or play in the spring.

The CFL is a fan funded league. The teams make money off attendance not tv.

With no fans in the stands the teams make no money. With the league looking at no season, it could spell the end of professional football in Canada.

The CFL is now looking for financial support from the Canadian federal government.

College football is a bit more tricky. Depending on the way states open up the campuses, some schools may not field teams this season.

And with football being the number one money bringer at many of the schools, athletic departments could collapse, especially the smaller schools.

This could change the face of college football.

Can you imagine a season where Ohio State will play but Michigan and Michigan State stay home?

Everything remains in flux, but I am seeing how NASCAR handles the "new normal" this weekend.

Jim has been a contributing columnist to the Telegram for over the last five years. You can contact Jim at jamesabeare@gmail.



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