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August 6, 2020

ERIC SABREE Wayne County Treasurer

Over 2.5 million Michigan voters participated in Tuesday's election, a record turnout for an August primary.

About two-thirds of voters used an absentee ballot, another record.

Tuesday's vote total was 2,515,882. That's 13% higher than the previous record of 2,2 million set in the 2018 August primary -- and 79% higher than the 1.4 million ballots cast in August 2016.

This week's number also exceeded the 2.3 million ballots cast in the March presidential primary.

The large numbers of voters suggests there will be a huge turnout in November. It is estimated that 6 million ballots will be cast in Michigan. The current record for a November election is 5 million, set in 2008.

In 2018, Michigan voters approved the expansion of absentee ballot to all voters. More than 2 million absentee ballots were requested in this election, and as of late Tuesday, 1.6 million had been returned, although the final number may be higher as counties update their numbers, the Michigan Secretary of State Office said. That's about 65% of total ballots cast.

Two newcomers put forth a good showing in their inaugural elections. Victoria Burton-Harris who ran for Wayne County Prosecutor and Beverly Kindle- Walker who ran for Wayne County Treasurer gave the incumbents a run for their money.

Eric Sabree, Kym Worthy, and Tyrone Carter are a few of the elected officials who do not have a Republican Challenger for the November Election.

Here are the Election results for the Telegram distribution area.


U.S. House -District 12

Debbie Dingell (D)

Jeff Jones (R)

U.S. House - District 13

Rashida Tlaib (D)

David Dudenhoefer (R)

U.S. House - District 14

Brenda Lawrence (D)

Robert Patrick (R)

Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney

Kym L. Worthy

Wayne County Sheriff–

Benny N. Napoleon

Wayne County Treasurer -

Eric R. Sabree

Wayne County Register of Deeds

Bernard J. Youngblood

State House - District 4 - Unexpired Term

Abraham Aiyash (D)

State House - District 1

Tenisha Yancey (D)*

Latricia Lanier (R)

State House - District 2

Joe Tate (D)*

Mayra Rodriguez (R)

State House - District 3

Shri Thanedar (D)

Anita Vinson (R))

State House - Democratic Primary District 4

Abraham Aiyash (D)

Howard Weathington (R)

State House - District 5

Cynthia Johnson (D)*

Harold Day (R)

State House - District 6

Tyrone Carter (D)*

State House - District 7

Helena Scott (D)

Ronald Cole (R)

State House - District 8

Stephanie Young (D)

Miroslawa Gorak (R)

State House - District 9

Karen Whitsett (D)*

James Stephen (R)

State House - District 10

Mary Cavanagh (D)

Cathy Alcorn (R)

State House - District 11

Jewell Jones (D)*

James Townsend (R)

State House - District 12

Alex Garza (D)*

Michelle Bailey (R)

State House - District 13

Tullio Liberati (D)

Megan Frump (R)

State House - District 14

Cara Clemente (D)*

Darrell Stasik (R)

State House - District 15

Abdullah Hammoud (D)*

Carla O'Neill (R)

State House - District 16

Kevin Coleman (D)*

Emily Bauman (R)

Wayne County Commission - 3rd District

Martha G. Scott

Wayne County Commission - 4th District

Ilona Varga

Wayne County Commission - 5th District

Irma Clark-Coleman

Wayne County Commission - 8th District –

David Knezek

Wayne County Commission - 10th District

Joe Smith

Wayne County Commission - 11th District

A. Haidous

Wayne County Commission - 15th District

Joseph Palamara

Redford Township Supervisor

Pat McRae

Redford Township Treasurer

Lily Cavanagh

Brownstown Township Trustee

Sherry A. Berecz

Maureen Brinker

Patrick Killian

Steven R. Allen

David L. Chapman

Redford Township Trustee -

Linda K. Jackson

Kim Taylor

Edward King

Patricia Kennedy

Van Buren Township Trustee

Reggie Miller

Kevin Martin

Sherry A. Frazier

Donald Boynton, Jr.

3rd Circuit Judge of Circuit Court - Non-Incumbent

Mary Beth Kelly

Nicholas John Hathaway

34th District Judge of District Court - Incumbent

Lisa Martin

Alexandria Taylor

Ecorse Mayor

Lamar C. Tidwell

Jeremy Renshaw

Wayne County Proposition O: Operating Millage Renewal


Wayne County Proposition P:Parks Millage Renewal


Lincoln Park Charter Amendment To Allow Electronic Publications

KYM WORTHY Wayne County Prosecutor


Detroit Public Schools Community District Non-Homestead Millage Renewal Proposal


Hamtramck Public Schools Bond Proposition


Redford Union Schools, District No. 1 Operating Millage Proposal



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