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City of Ecorse received Election Drop Box

More to come in Wayne County

Do you have a Drop Box? Would you like one? Those were the questions that Ecorse City Clerk, Dana Hughes heard over a month ago from a call from a representative from Wayne County. She knew that the residents of Ecorse would benefit from having a safe and convenient way for them to participate in the Election process. So she answered the questions as part of a survey so she thought.

She found out on Friday, August 14th that not only was it survey, it was her answer to first questions asked that resulted in the city receiving the Drop Box on Friday. The City of Ecorse is one of many cities in Wayne County that didn't have a drop box. "It was a pleasant surprise when I stopped by the office on Friday to catch up on a couple of things and saw the drop box being delivered. I'm happy to receive it, because I was looking at our budget to see if we could afford one."

The residents should know that they can now drop off their Absentee Applications and Ballots (when they are received) in the Dropbox. The Dropbox is located on the 1st floor in the lobby of Ecorse City Hall. The Dropbox is locked and secure and operated by the Clerk & Deputy Clerk. It provides a secure and convenient means for voters to return their ballot from the time they receive it in the mail up to the time polls close on Election Day (Tuesday, November 3, 2020).

If you have any questions contact the Clerk's Office at 313-386-2520.


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