Detroit Showed Out for Detroit Gospel Journey's 5th Anniversary and Live Recording


Detroit Gospel Music lovers and fans had a Holy Ghost good timeat the Detroit Gospel Journey's5th Anniversary Celebration and Live Recording, under the direction ofMarcel West. Hosted by Minister Kurt Carr of the Kurt Carr Singers and Detroit's own Evangelist Staffy Blakely, held at Greater Grace Temple the City of David, under the visionary and leadership of Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III. The celebrationhad around 1000 attendees from Detroit and other surrounding areas.

DGJ's live recording was special, as it featured original songs and arrangements that were led bysome of the most anointed artists in Gospel Music.Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole of the legendary Clark Sisters, Pastor Vincent Bohanan, Evangelist Chrystal Rucker, Bro. Jonathan Nelson, Pastor Beverly Crawford best known for singing "He's Done Enough and It's About Time for a Miracle", the legendary Evangelist Dorothy Norwood and Keke Wyatt. Local gospel artists Psalmist Sherrie Nunn Berry and Frank McGee got their time and spotlight on stage as well.

Once the concert began, it didn't take long before the atmosphere in the sanctuary took a swift turn.That's when a high praise went up to Godand the filling of worship, praise, and the outpouring of thanksgivingtook place throughout the church. It was truly incredible to see, the people of God coming together for a mass worship experience.

Lyrics have meaning and power, certainly it was evident in the songs that evening. People were also in a space to worship freely in that moment. Those in the audience,were left thinkingabout their relationship with God and how he has shown up for them throughout their lives.Especially at the time where Keke Wyatt was on stage ministering, she stopped singing to share her testimony. She spoke about her children, their illnesses and she told us, how God dealt with them until, they were able to experience, the victory during that time of trauma, stress, frustration and worry.A powerful testimony it was, that the impactfulleft an imprint inside of your heart and soul.

Detroit Gospel Journey's visionary and leader, Marcel West said to The Telegram News, that the vision really began back in 2006. He had started posting videos of Detroit Gospel videos on YouTube and by 2015 the next level began. The vision then continued to increase, that he'd do a documentary on Detroit Gospel History and now what you see is, an organized choir.

In honor of African-American Appreciation Month, Marcel West said, "It is very important to me because it celebrates and show cases our musical art forms and it shows the world the artistic side of black culture." For Marcel, he once began to think that Gospel music was a dying entity of the religious culture due to the influx of the style "Praise and Worship". Now, he is reassured that it will continue to be an integral component of black worship music. He is not alone, many of the choir music style of singing had choir members and directors worried, if it would withstand the time. Now many can see, that it will, especially with new choirs coming out and several artists that continue to sing this style of music.

As stated, choirs have always been a part of the "black church" and sacred music. If you are here in Detroit or it's surrounding areas, stay on the lookout for Detroit Gospel Journey and Marcel West. If you missed the concert and live recording this time, you definitely want to make sure you attend the next event. Detroit Gospel Journey is doing some amazing things with gospel music and they have the "Detroit Choir Sound".


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