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By Clifton R Kirkman II
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Detroit NFL Draft 2024 Kick-Off: Event 24 Charity Gala, The Legacy of Mel Farr "Our Superstar"


Monèt Farr Stands with her brothers Mel Farr Jr and Mike Farr, speaking to the audience of their late father, Mel Farr Sr.

What a way to honor a father's legacy. Event 24, Charity Gala, Fashion and Comedy Show ignited the hearts of Detroiters and NFL enthusiasts alike. On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, it was a night of entertainment and tribute to sports legend and Detroit businessman, Mel Farr Sr.

Mel Farr Sr.'s Adult Children honored their father's presence, on the field and throughout the city of Detroit.

Held at the newly renovated One Mike Detroit venue, guest arrived in Detroit's best dressed. Fashion for the evening was an array of different styles. From Tuxedos and ballgowns to Adult Nightlife theme, Grown and Sexy. Then there were some attendees, who creativity was unique by having a mixture of fashions in one outfit, "Detroit Urban Chic", is what I would call it.

If the name Mel Farr Sr., doesn't ring a bell, let's learn more about him and why his name resounds in the streets of Detroit. Mel Farr Sr., was a Detroit Lions running back, who wore the #24and who was the Rookie of the Year in 1967. Farr Sr., played seven seasons with the Detroit Lions from 1967-1973. After retiring from the field, Mel Farr Sr., began a new life by emerging himself into the world of entrepreneurship. Being one of the first as an African American in the automotive industry. He was one of the country's earliest black-owned auto-dealerships. What started on a smaller scale, rose to being an owner of 11 dealerships that spanned across four states.

Attendees of the evening were introduced to Mel Farr Sr.'s children, wife, family and closest friends as their shared their memories of the past. Event organizer, Rufus Bartel, said that, "Farr was one of the first Black athletes to transition successfully from athletics to business." At any given moment, the event space was filled by the "Who's Who of Detroit."

From the mere moment you entered into One Mike Detroit, you were greeted by "Lights, camera and action." Attendees had a blast at the 360 booth, the selfie booth and the VIP area where interviews and professional pictures were being taken. After walking through that area, you had the options of heading upstairs to the VIP cocktail party or you could head inside to the bar area.

Award-Winning Designer Monét Farr, curated the fashion show of the evening, "Muse by Monét". The runway, was filled with models who knew how to bring life to the latest pieces that left the audience in shock and amazement. These never-before-seen pieces filled the room with a variety of bright colors, various textures and fabrics in other pieces and outfits that left Detroiters wanting to make a purchase at that very moment. Being from Detroit, Monét Farr, daughter of Mel Farr Sr., was filled with joy and gratitude on how her fashion pieces were received by attendees of the evening. She even brought along special guest model appearance, Mimi Faust.

Mimi Faust, Reality TV Personality and Guest Model of Event 24, Muse by Monèt Fashion Show

Event 24, certainly left everyone's evening packed. Next up came, Comedian/Actor/ Radio and TV personality, Mike Bonner, as he hosted the comedy showcase. The crowd was really able to let loose as they laughed at the on-stage talents who were from Detroit and it's surrounding communities. The talents resonated with the audience due to their topics and punchlines. For instance, family, children and other adult topics left the audience in pure tears and laughter.

Event 24 was created and was so successful due to its partnerships like the Detroit Chapter of the NFL's Former Players Association, Indie Fash and a host of others that made the evening possible. Event 24, will be a memory of a lifetime to all of those who were in attendance. Its purpose was to serve a greater purpose and that's to magnify the enduring legacy of Mel Farr Sr. and to ensure his contributions to the city's cultural and economic landscape endure for generations to come.


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