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  • An Open Letter to Mayor Andrew Gillum

    Bruce C T Wright, NewsOne|Mar 26, 2020

    Mayor Gillum, for the sake of your health -- and the well-being of our community -- we pen this letter from the hearts of Black men who are actively working to dispel the myths of what Black liberation, particularly for men, can be. Each of the undersigned individuals work tirelessly to redesign our surroundings so that Black men can feel wholly welcomed in various spaces, including educational spaces, political arenas, religious and spiritual temples, neighborhoods, and many other spaces... Full story

  • Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial Begins

    Bruce C T Wright|Jan 23, 2020

    Technically, the Senate trial for the impeachment of President Donald Trump began last week with a number of procedural steps being taken by House Democrats and Senate Republicans. But Tuesday officially marked the start of the actual trial part, during which witnesses are typically called further evidence is presented to bolster each side's case. But no matter which side of the aisle you're pulling for, don't get your hopes up, as there is no guarantee that the type of justice you're expecting... Full story

  • Do Soldiers Really Want To Fight Trump's War?

    Bruce C T Wright, NewsOne|Jan 9, 2020

    The reality that America is at yet another foreign war set in as Iran launched missiles at American targets in Iraq on Tuesday night in retaliation to President Donald Trump authorizing the assassination of a high-ranking Iranian general last week. As troops were being deployed to the Middle East, the topic of conscientious objectors was quietly bubbling up on social media. For civilians watching the developments unfold in real-time from the safety of their own American homes or workplaces, the... Full story

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