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  • Poisoning the blood of a nation

    Donald Lozon, Contributing Columnist|Apr 18, 2024

    These are more than words. One can say that this is Trump being Trump. You can vote for Joe Biden, Donald Trump or an independent candidate but one way or another you are make a choice for Biden or Trump. Through our nation’s history we have had a problem at our southern border. The Republican party and the Democratic party unwilling to solve what appears to be a problem but is most likely our greatest blessing that of new people working to make a better life for themselves and their f...

  • Kamala Harris can be the President

    Donald Lozon|Feb 15, 2024

    I have been online debating about President Biden's age. One person in the chat came back at me that you don't want Kamala Harris as President somehow she is not capable to hold the office. I said yes I do want Kamala Harris as President. First it could happen. Any Vice President can be President it's in the constitution. She is second in line for the office and the Speaker of the House is third in line. She will be the first female President in the history of our nation. In 2010 Harris was...


    Donald Lozon, Contributing Columnist|Sep 1, 2022

    President Biden signed an exertive order that provides debt forgiveness to students to 45 million borrowers that struggle with student debt. Many have cried foul about the fairness of this order and the economic impact upon the economy. Inflation with sky rocketing prices many have said this is a giveaway that we simply cannot afford. President Biden “cited the Heroes act which Congress passed in 2003 in the wake of 9/11 and the beginning of the Afghanistan war. Lawmakers at the time allowed t...


    Donald Lozon, Contributing Columnist|Oct 17, 2019

    Election Day November 3, 2020. President Donald Trump will lose this election and what will he do? Most people that know him and written books have said he will not go quietly into the night. The ex-President will say that the election was rigged by left wing extremist and blame the deep state for his loss. Many in the right wing will say that this is the end of America and some may that to the street because they want single party government that expresses their white extremist issues. America... Full story

  • Los Angeles Teachers strike a wakeup call

    Donald Lozon, Telegram Contributor|Jan 17, 2019

    The Teachers in the second largest school district is on strike. The Teachers of Los Angeles have gone on strike but not only pay but lower class sizes that average 40 and more support staff. This strike opens up the issue of for profit private schools that have mixed reviews with student out come. There is nothing wrong with competition yet teachers deserve a living wage and support for the teachers with support staff. Teacher's aids are a huge help for teachers to reach each child especially w... Full story