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  • Little Mr. & Mrs. Inkster Pageant Returns

    MaJenaya Johnson, Telegram Intern|Jun 16, 2022

    On Saturday May 28th, 2022 the Inkster community center accepted sponsorships and plenty of community support to host a pageant. The pageant's main objective was to select a new Mister and Misses Inkster. The event was a great way to engage the community as well as getting the younger generation excited about community service and the betterment of Inkster as a whole. The pageant was split up into three divisions, Little Ms/Mr (ages 7-9), Prince/Princess (ages 10-12) and finally Mrs/Mr Inkster...

  • This Woman Is an Inspiration: Nadia Fedel-Bazzi

    MaJenaya Johnson, Telegram Intern|Apr 14, 2022

    As a young child we often fantasize about life as an adult. Daydreaming about our fairytale wedding, the names of our future children and the kind of man/woman we wish to be. As a child, Mrs. Nadia Fedel-Bazzi envisioned life as a psychologist. In hindsight she didn't really know what becoming a psychologist would entail. However, she knew that she'd be able to help people and that fulfilled her childhood self. Later in life Fadel-Bazzi realized that becoming a psychologist wasn't her passion....

  • The Tragedy Continues: Jennifer Blackmon Still Missing, Children Separated

    MaJenaya Johnson, Telegram Intern|Apr 7, 2022

    Coming up on two years ago a travesty shook River Rouge and the Jackson family. The Christmas season was near and the Jackson/Blackmon family was excited to celebrate with one another and bring in the New Year. That was until the beloved mother of three, Jennifer Blackmon, disappeared. Originally, her family wasn't worried because they figured Jennifer would return. They were very confident in the love that Jennifer had for her entire family, especially her children. The Jackson's also knew...

  • This Woman Is An Inspiration: Kierra Wilson

    MaJenaya Johnson, Telegram Intern|Mar 17, 2022

    A simple google search will tell you that a woman is "an adult female human being". Although that statement is true, the definition of what a woman is goes far beyond the simplicity of gender. Some people will go as far as defining women as the future and or protectors of humanity. Mrs. Kierra Wilson, a wife, mother, student success navigator for Henry Ford Community College, model, entrepreneur, licensed makeup artist and fashion designer, says that "a woman is not defined by specific gender ro...


    MaJenaya Johnson, Telegram Intern|Jan 20, 2022

    Although you are more poor than you've ever been, responsible for yourself for the first time, flooded with essays and stuffed with ramen noodles, for most, college is a fun time. Whilst in college you get to meet others from all over the globe, make friendships that last a lifetime and go on a journey of self discovery. In America about 40% of college students drop out. Some students leave due to the cost of tuition, others leave to become parents. Sadly, some people can't return because...

  • To Be A Part of His Dream

    MaJenaya Johnson, Telegram Intern|Jan 13, 2022

    After surviving slavery, African-Americans had a new found sense of hope. They were optimistic for their future, they'd yearned so long to be free in the "land of the free". With that independence, they concocted and passed down pipe dreams of success obtained by hard work and grit. Almost 100 years later they were still being brutally murdered, oppressed by racism, disenfranchisement, Jim Crow laws and many other socioeconomic inequalities, the black community was fed up. It was officially...

  • Have you seen Jennifer Blackmon?

    MaJenaya Johnson|Dec 9, 2021

    Imagine having a normal December day, snow on the ground, hot cocoa on the stove and joyful spirits as everyone prepares for the holidays. To some that would be the best day possible, but what if that day took a tragic turn because one of your loved ones suddenly vanished. That was a burden the family and friends of River Rouge native, Jennifer Blackmon was forced to bear. Last year on December 22, 2020, Blackmon never showed up to work or returned home. That was very unlike her being a mother...

  • DEARBORN HEIGHTS BRINGS ABOUT PROGRESSIVE CHANGE Reintroduce their Community Cultural Relations Commission

    MaJenaya Johnson, Telegram Intern|Dec 2, 2021

    The year 2020 was filled with confusion and civil unrest inspired. This inspired Dearborn Heights resident Latanya Gater to invoke change within her own community. Ms. Gater, who has been a Dearborn Heights resident for seven years, begin going to city council meetings. . She attended with the intent to listen to her community. It was also important to her to listen to all people and be compassionate about their experiences because being willing to accept knowledge from others without being...