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Prophet Cedric Banks interviews the Salvation Army

The Community Shall Be Restored TV Program


March 22, 2018

Prophet Cedric Banks (far right) is joined by Lynn Williams and Johnnie Williams

Prophet Cedric Banks:

We have a tremendous show for you today we have some outstanding guest who are doing some great things in the Community. Our guest today is The Salvation Army, We are going to let them introduce themselves. Lynn Williams, Johnnie Williams, Julian Lankford.

Lynn Williams:

My name is Lynn Williams, I am the Director of the Southeast MI Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Services. We are a 313 Bed Men Campus Facility for addiction, in all areas of addictions, and all types of addictions. We also have a 91 Bed Facility out in Romulus dedicated to Women addictions.

Johnnie Williams:

I am the Assistant Resident Manager at the Salvation Army on Fort Street. I came through the program back in March 23, 2010 and I completed the six .month program. After the program I was hired in one of the stores in Clinton Township. I worked there for 3 1/2 years and then I got a call and was asked if I wanted to work in Housing. I took a chance and through faith in GOD now today, 4 years later, I am the Assistant Resident Manager at The Salvation Army.

Prophet Cedric Banks:

So GOD brought you a long


Johnnie Williams:

A mighty long way

Julian Lankford:

I am the Executive Assistant at the ARC Adult Rehabilitation Center through The Salvation Army and I have been with the Company for almost 11 years. I work with all the Executive Staff at the ARC and help and oversee the Stores, Warehouse, Kitchen and assist anybody and with anything as well as help Lynn in the Housing Program

Prophet Cedric Banks:

So ,You have a 300 Bed facility for men?

Lynn Williams:

We do. Matter of fact to date, we have 188 men in the facility which leaves 125 beds open. With everything going on in the world of addiction specifically with the Opium Epidemic, the number of overdoses, the increases we have seen in overdoses, It just doesn't make sense to have these many open beds. We have about 40 beds open at the Women's Campus as well.

And so we are here to let people know that we are here to help people who are suffering with the disease of addiction, and that we have availability and open beds. We do not accept insurance, we don't bill insurance and we do not ask for anything when you come in. I am saying that to let you know that we are fully funded by the 37 thrift stores that you see around the City.

Prophet Cedric Banks:

So you don't ask for any money?

Lynn Williams:

The only time we would charge anybody is that they already have an income and we take a percent of that.

Prophet Cedric Banks:

So you help people addicted to any type of addiction? Shopping, Sex, Crime?

Lynn Williams:

Yes. Our main focus is addictions to drugs.

Thank you so much for the information. This will really help the community.

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