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The Last Rock Show

For fans in the punk scene, November's announcement that this would be the last Warped Tour hit home hard and with it came the trending hashtag #ForeverWarped. For those that aren't familiar with Warped Tour, it is a summer punk festival featuring a handful of stages and a large gathering of music lovers. Warped Tour, though mostly a festival of rock music, has featured artists like The Black Eyed Peas (1999) and Katy Perry (2008).

It has also featured contributions to those in need, wherein 3 cans of food or a $5 donation goes to the organization Feed Our Children and gets you early entrance to the concert. Also, a blood donation prior to the event grants the first 100 concert goers with a blood donation pass from the Red Cross special backstage access. Notably, too, is the presence of suicide prevention and mental health advocates To Write Love on Her Arms.

This year, I was granted the opportunity to sit down with Derek Sanders, lead singer of Mayday Parade known for hits such as "Jamie all Over" and "Black Cat." Mayday Parade in particular has a close relationship with Warped Tour. In past interviews they have talked about following Warped Tour and selling CDs at the venues one year, to playing the actual stage the following year.

Outside of rock, Sanders finds himself influenced by pop music and acts such as Outcast and Nas. "The Eminem – the Marshal Mathers LP 2 that came out a couple of years back, I got really into that album," Sanders said while speaking on the band's hip hop influences. Their latest album Sunnydale was released mid-June and features some of the uniquely rich melodies and romantic undertones that sets them apart in the music scene. Some notable songs worth listening to are "Piece of Your Heart" and "Never Sure."

As Warped Tour comes to an end, it is worth remembering that a generation was able to experience good music with a crowd of fellow music lovers alike.


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