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Twenty Five Years Of Soul

Detroit's reputation is a long one. The city is known for electrifying events and festivals. The festivities celebrate cultures and lifestyles seldomly seen in the motor city.

When the UniverSoul Circus comes to town the state of Michigan rejoices. Most folks recall the UniverSoul Circus as a monument to their childhood. They remember how it brought their families together for a night that will never escape memory.

It's 2018 and the mojo hasn't shifted. The old souls who enjoyed UniverSoul as children are indoctrinating it into the lives of their kids and grandkids.

UniverSoul is using September to celebrate its 25th anniversary in Detroit. In all of my almost twenty five years I've never been. My first visit was everything I expected and more. The excitement brought by death defying tricks and stunning dance numbers were enough to bring the kid out of anyone who is willing to enjoy the show.

The UniverSoul Circus is a great event for families, Single people, field trips and an outing with friends. Remember, everyone is welcome at the UniverSoul circus. Make a trip to Chene Parks before it's too late.


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