Red Bull Arts Detroit:

Slideshow Series With Michael Schert


March 21, 2019

The Slideshow Series is a program Red Bull Arts Detroit has adapted from it's New York counterpart. The series invites artists, and professionals of all forms to present an area of interest or expertise. Hence the name, the program is operated under the old school slideshow presentation format.

Dancer, choreographer, and social entrepreneur. John Michael Schert's lecture, Creative Choice Making Embodied, took the audience to school without paper and pencils. The slideshow had no computer, or projection screen. The slides were choreographed by the power of dance.

John, the audience, and the slideshow dancers. Explored many levels of the Red Bull Arts Detroit building; and themselves on the intimate subjects of of leadership, followership, context, collaboration and empathy. Demanding the audience seek their answers from the organized chaos of the demonstration, and from the deeper parts of their mind.

John performs presentations like this around the world. For professionals, and companies that are looking for more innovative communication strategies. Sometimes he says dance and movement were the only language barriers he had to work with.

2019 Red Bull Resident Artist Miatta Kawinzi, was an active participant in the slide show. Miatta started off the presentation. Showing off her favorite places in the building, how she connects with it, and how it makes her comfortable.

The next Slideshow Series will feature, Laura Raicovich on April 16th. For a discussion titled, "Practicing for the Not Yet". A slideshow on neutrality.


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